I hope I am choosing the right forum here. A lot of you probably think I am a total airhead by now, spending my time either at BCs ( I rarely go to bars) or in front of the computer posting on this board. However, I am a very sincere person and believe it or not, I love Belize and am doing whatever I can to help this country grow. A lot of you have asked about donations and I, not to long ago asked for help about how to get numerous computers to the island, actually from Lancaster,PA to Miami and I finally found out today that they have arrived in Miami and should be on their way here shortly. I just wanted to thank those of you that offered help, it has been a long, tedious journey indeed, but worth it in the end. I know that right now there is a severe shortage of text books on the island, so if anybody is interested to help, contact one of the schools directly and see if anything can be done. It is my understanding that any donations sent directly to the schools will be duty exempt and the shipping from Miami or Houston is paid for by the governement. Also Ian Anderson of Cave Branch has started a program called B.A.D. C.A.T.S, an organization very much worth while supporting. The purpose of the organization was presented at a Chamber of Commerce meeting and I am sure Ian Anderson or Tom Vidrine would be happy to forward information. Another organization is in the works here in San Pedro by a group of people that originally supported "the Free Music School of Belize", and hopefully it will be very much worthwhile once it gets off the ground. more about that later, KKKKKKKKKKkkkkkkkkkk(that is my signature by the way!)