I have been told by someone involved in relief activity that the Prime Minister has issued a list of relief items that will NOT be subject to duty.

ALSO: I have been told by the same source that the list has been ordered by someone (not necessarily the PM) to be kept embargoed so that nobody but customs knows what it is, and that nobody knows what is on it. WILL SOMEOME PLEASE CONFIRM THIS IF POSSIBLE? This is best done by someone on the Town Board.

IF such a list has indeed been decreed, it is important that EVERYBODY knows what is on it and that everybody involved in relief shipping have a copy. That way the dutiable and non-dutiable items can be separately packaged and documented, which will speed up the delivery to the people who need them.
There is no LEGITIMATE reason for this list to be secret. It may be that it just has not been circulated yet, but the Town Board should see that it is (if indeed such a list exists..)

And if there are items NOT on the list that should be, we need to know so that we can lobby for their inclusion.

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