Radio announced we will have food shortages due to infrastructure damage
along the lines I described before -- do to flooding -- that Frank said
to worry about.

Frank -- I believe in always planing for the worst contingency and
for the best outcome. I did not feel like I was crying "Wolf" last
when I warned of this possibility.

Now -- just look at the weather map!! Last evening we had rains here in
Xaibe double the intensity of the worse of Keith!! It is raining right
-- and there does not look like any let-up.

Would that we as a nation had prepared better for this. But no use
over lost milk now either.

I only hope that the "advisers" here get with the program a little more.

Not saying it is going to happen that way -- but we better stop arguing
about changing the GOB's attitudes regarding customs duty and get on with
program of survival!!

Anyway you cut the cheese -- we are in for extremely rough times --
now -- simple due to so much rain and an already post hurricane

We can not expect help from Chetumal - they are having this same
As Terry "suggested" -- the roads are "bad" over that side as well.

I have fourteen men on the deck of my sail boat -- for 12 hours --
through this to get to San Pedro -- along with 3 tons of building
-- local style -- posts, poles and sticks.

Hey list -- wake up -- the "fun" is just beginning.

Long term planning??

Though many people do not believe in global warming and the resulting
climatic changes -- I personally believe that we will see more of this
of activity each year -- that is an increase in "pocket" hurricanes for
this district.

This leads me to suggest -- based on facts accumulating from this
situation -- that Belize must seriously consider decentralization of
utilities and food processing away from Belize city.

We should spread these out -- say Orange Walk, Belmopan, and Stan Creek

We also had better start thinking about improving our docking facilities
along our coast. so if a hurricane hits Down South -- self propelled
can move the needed supplies from Corozal -- or as they do with sugar
barges -- from Orange Walk. This as just one example.

This is the kind of thinking I believe we should be devoting some
to -- not starting a fight with GOB!!

First off -- it is no longer about sending pampers, building supplies,
clothing and pet foods -- it is about sending basic food provisions for
people to survive a possible period of severe malnutrition.

Man -- is it wet out there!!