2004 Library Accomplishments

The year 2004 has been a great one for the San Pedro Town Library, and it has reflected on the accomplishments achieved and secured through the many donations and assistance received throughout the year. It is with great appreciation that the Senior Library Assistant and the Committee of the San Pedro Town Library would like to extend thanks to everyone on the island for their generosity this year in contributing both money and equipment for the library, and also to the many visitors who come down to the island give their support.

"A special thank you to Captain Morgan's Retreat and the Chamber of Commerce for their on-going support of the library," stated the SP Town Public Library release. "In addition to providing us with the pre-school area, Captain Morgan's has also given us six new computers for all the school children, which will be used for computer literacy classes in all age groups. In addition, the Chamber has contributed funds to help with the re-wiring of the electrical system in the library, which needs an upgrade before the computers can be installed and eventually, the new A/C units."

This year, the library also managed to raise just under BZ$7,800.00 and was given various donations of equipment and furniture, which has enabled the staff to make noticeable improvements to the library. The funds raised were used for the following: Photo copier, printer, and scanner ($1,200.00), Books ($658.00), Reading Program materials, gifts and rewards and New Children's Area ($752.00), General Repairs and repainting ($1,392.00), Cleaning Supplies ($668.00), Repairing furniture and shelves ($40.00), Stationery Supplies ($812.00, including computer repairs), Library Signs ($250.00), leaving a balance of $2,000.00, which is to used towards some hurricane shutters.

In addition, the Adult Fiction Section has been moved to the upper level and the entire ground floor is now entirely dedicated to children's books as well as the Juvenile and Reference sections. Other accomplishments include a Pre-school area, and a Children's Summer and Christmas Reading Program. Once the library has been re-wired, the six computers will be situated on the ground floor for easy access to the children. Installation of hurricane shutters for the door and two of the windows are also planned, which will give the library added security as well as weather protection.

"We are very pleased with all the progress we have made this year," commented the Senior Library Assistant, Iracela Acosta. "However, enhancing the library is an on-going process, and we are planning more fund-raising events next year to enable us to continue our work. We hope that everyone on Ambergris Caye will continue to support our efforts in every way. When you support the library, you are helping to improve the education of all our children and the community as a whole. Come and see what we have done. Visitors are always very welcome!" The Librarian and the Committee wish everyone a very prosperous 2005.