(from the AC Chamber of Commerce)

Since our last update, we have moved the rocks (shown below) as requested by our town officials at a cost of $800. As most of you know, the Chamber can only achieve by getting the consent and approval of our local government. This compromise gives the Town a clear direct crossing for the bridge that is being planned. We thank them for their support, and permission for this project.

With the new location, it will require a few more rocks, but will also create some benefits. Although it may appear strange to our visitors that the two landings are not directly across from each other, this should still shorten the crossing times considerably. Once the new landing can be used, our new plan is to integrate the old landing into it, creating a single, narrow waiting line. Hopefully this will solve most of the rush hour traffic problems by allowing a natural first come, first serve, waiting line, and save the Chamber the $800 a month we were spending on private security traffic control. We will still provide security, or get the police to help the readjustment in waiting line manners.

In the meantime, we are still planning for completion by next week. At the same time (not with Chamber funds), I will be building a fence along my property line to hold the hodgepodge of advertising signs in a neater fashion, and both myself and the Hammock House will be investing in making the surrounding the area more attractive as it is the gateway to the North.

For any of you that are concerned that a bridge may make our efforts worthless, I have personally committed to re-immerse the Chamber for the bulk of the value of the materials, if by some chance, the Town would totally discontinue the use of the ferry in the near future. The present plan is to keep the ferry at least as a backup alternative.

All your donations are greatly appreciated, and will achieve a great improvement at the crossing.

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