Well this will be my last email on Kathleen. She arrived yesterday at 1
P.M. on TACA safe and sound...well almost. She had a sprained ankle and a
severely bruised toe and then there was the scrape. First the scrape. Seems
she was riding on the back of a golf cart (before the storm) and the cart
hit a bump and she fell off and scraped her leg. It will be alright. Her
ankle has gotten better since she hurt it slipping on a floor that had water
on it. The toe was done climbing over debris. With time all her injuries
will heal.
Now on to the condo. The roof of the condo is a total loss and will have
to be replaced. Needless to say much water entered the upper condo and as
gravity would have it, the water flowed down. Down was into our condo. Our
condo suffered water damage and will have to have most if not all of the
sheetrock replaced. Before Kathleen departed San Pedro she removed all of
our personal belongings and put them into another condo for safe keeping. It
will be interesting to see if they are still there when we return. She left
only the bed frame, table and chairs and the futon and dresser and night
stand. There will have to be a tremendous clean up effort on the island
before they are ready to receive visitors. Also the repair of the condos and
hotels and other guest accommodations will take some time as well. For those
of you that have visited Belize whether with us or on your own, the island
beauty has changed. Hurricane Keith removed most of the foliage from the
trees. The palm trees lost their fronds and the bushes close to the ground
were denuded as well. I assure you that it is not as you remember it.
Kathleen and I were insured so we will not suffer any financial loss from
this. As you can imagine things will change on the island. This is one hell
of a way for urban renewal to take place. We have talked with some of you
and you have information pertaining to you. For those of you we have not
spoken with, Kathleen and I are busy trying to assemble an effort to
reestablish the Isla Bonita Elementary School. This was Hector and Layla
Trejos' dream and life savings and it is a total loss. I will email you more
on this later. It was great talking with all of you over the last ten days
and hearing back from those of you who emailed a reply. Thank you all for
your thoughts and prayers.