Got back from a eight day trip to SP and Caulker. Was everything i imagined it would be and MORE!!! I can recommend the Spindrift in SP, central location is very helpfull for checking out all the good nightlife within easy walking distance. Fidos, Pier lounge, Jaguar, to name a few that are worth the walk. Fished with Capt. Bichos son's Nester and "lil scooby" Had a BLAST- caught several snapper, lobsters (dove for them) (5) and a few cuds also, well worth hooking up with Bicho!!!! Also on Caulker look up Glenford at Anwar tours.. He Knows the flats off Chapel Caye and i hooked a MONSTER Cuda that was alone worth the price, split a trip second day out and hooked many Boneys on the flats on light spin gear, absolute Blast!! Caulker more "laid back".. people were extremely friendly and welcoming to say the least. Will definately plan to head back down next winter and drag along a few friends as well, anyone into snorkeling or fishing MUST get down there! Always willing to split a charter and share a few Belikins over the fish stories, so anyone that is an"avid" fisher person please "hook" up with me next year in Jan or Feb. for some reel fishin fun!! If anyone has a similar fishing/ snorkeling story please relay them back at me... thanks! " The Mongoose" AKA: NY's Bravest (retired)!!!