High-Level IDB Team on Mission to Belize

Posted by Belize Min. of Budget Mang on Oct-10-00 3:37pm from

Ministry of Budget Management, Investment and Trade

High-Level IDB Team on fact-finding Mission to Belize

10 October, 2000 - Belmopan
A senior level team from the Inter American Development Bank
(IDB)arrived in the country today, headed by Division 4 Country Chief
Richard Archie.

The team of experts will be working closely with Government to put
together an Emergency Assistance facility for Belize in the wake of
Hurricane Keith to help with the rebuilding effort.

The IDB team, accompanied by Minister of Budget Management Hon. Ralph
Fonseca, Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Economic Development
Yvonne Hyde and Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Natural
Resources Patricia Mendoza is touring various areas around the country
affected by Hurricane Keith.

On Wednesday, Minister Fonseca and Mr. Archie will travel to Washington
D.C. for a meeting on Thursday with IDB President Enrique Iglesias to
discuss the findings of the fact finding mission and to assess Belize's

While in Washington, Minister Fonseca will also meet with the Country
Chief of the World Bank and other international aid agencies to seek
assistance for Belize.

Updated figures put the damage to Belize caused by Hurricane Keith at
US$250 Million.