Thanks to everyone for all the feedback to what I thought was a rather innocent question, becoming a rather thought provoking one. I would like to say that my first trip down, and use of cart, was very much like many of the written experiences, especially getting lost. The path was not, and still is not marked to any degree. This was part of the pleasure, along with meeting many of the local people when inquiring of directions. The Pull Ferry is a must for any visitor. I can see where the cart use is a problem for residents because of the path's nearness to their homes. The person in question doing the blockage, their home is very, very close to path. I now have a greater understanding of the problem, and I hope a solution is forthcoming thats benifical to all because use of carts from that part of area, Costa Maya in my case, is useful, and a pleasure that provides understanding of the area and people. Thanks again to everyone, and I will return in February.