Very short trip and report.

Posted By: B_b_f_b

Very short trip and report. - 01/23/03 11:40 PM

Arrived on Saturday and left on Wednesday. In short, had a lot of fun. Stayed at Banana Beach as usual. Ate mostly at the street vendors and cooked some in my room. Have to put in a shameless plug for the street venders. For $2.50 US you get a big plate of rice and beans and chicken and potato salad. I want to be the one to write a book one day about how to get by in AC on $25 a day (this would include beer). Anyway, hung out either at BCs or Crazy Canucks. Found out my dog (actually she's not mine but I think Don and Carol from the Canuck's let me think she is when I'm in AC) was sick and spent a lot of time wandering around the streets with her. If you were there, I'm sure you saw me with a huge shephard walking around. Got to see Satan and some other crocodile while I was there. Got some sun on my last 2 days, the first two were downright cold. Got to meet a lot of great people and see some old friends (Robbie, Don and Carol, Dan (the drummer) and his son, Denverdan and kids). All in all I had a blast. One extra special thing was the restaurant at Banana Beach and the staff there, I actually feel like family when I stay there.

P.S. Also checked out Caribe Resort and was very impressed with their grounds. Anyway, that's it, feel like I've been all over AC in a matter of days. One last thing for the ladies, if you ever get a chance, there's a very small lingerie shop on middle street that you can actually get really cute skivvies for a very low price. I know, why am I mentioning that, just in case you ever lose your luggage or your skivvies. laugh laugh laugh
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Re: Very short trip and report. - 01/24/03 12:25 AM

Brandy is the dog's name right? Sorry to hear she's not doing well. I stayed there last year and threw stones for her for hours so she could retrieve them. Great dog!
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Re: Very short trip and report. - 01/24/03 12:26 AM

Yep, Brandy's the one. She is such a sweetheart, but very weak right now. I hope she pulls through. frown
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Re: Very short trip and report. - 01/24/03 05:10 AM

Hey Becky,
I leave in two weeks for BZ and AC. Do you know what ails Brandy? When I was there the week before Christmas I went to Playador and she didn't seem to be her old self.
Glad you had a good time and hope our Belize schedules cross again!
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Re: Very short trip and report. - 01/24/03 06:50 AM

if she seems lethargic, when someone see's her next, check see if her gums are "pale"...if so, let's hope all she needs is a shot of iron and some deworming=pale gums usually mean anemic (sp)? Does she have a keeper, owner??? C
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Re: Very short trip and report. - 01/24/03 05:25 PM

They told me at Playador she was treated for heartworms. She's very tired, but still holding in there.
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