Trip Report

Posted By: DoubleE

Trip Report - 03/27/03 11:34 PM

WOW What a great trip I just got back from. San Pedro now has a new friend and will be back soon. Stayed at Banana Beach and my hats off folks!!!!! They attended to my every need. The Travel Shop was great in handling all of our trip needs and we were a diverse group of 6 with different agenda and they handled every request with no problem! The staff was GREAT, clean rooms and very helpful---Beach---Front desk---cleaning staff---Maintance Staff, all were clen and very respectful. I hooked up with Captjeff for some REEF fishing we used Beacho and did he know where the fish were! We caught lots and what a blast!!!! 1 Day of Bone fishing which was out of this world, I caught at least 20 fish on a 1/2 day trip! WOW We did some other stuff and everything from Cave Tubing, Shark Ray Alley, Watching the Manatee's were great. No complaints about anything at San Pedro. If you want any numbers or recemendations please e mail me and I will try to answer them. This was my first time at San Pedro but will go again as soon as possible.
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Trip Report - 03/27/03 11:38 PM

WOW WOW, another great trip, thanks for sharing.
Posted By: DoubleE

Re: Trip Report - 03/27/03 11:43 PM

Thanks Chole any time I have such a great trip I want to Shout and this was one of those trips. But forgot to include my e [email protected] I also need Beach O's address. Thanks again to all. Jeff you were great to allow me to tag along on those fishing trips.
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Trip Report - 03/27/03 11:57 PM

double e you are a real nice guy you could tag along with the capt .anytime we had some real fun ,I like your job on the food 1 chicken and a case of beer a man each a healthy start meal .it is gret to make new friends ,you are a class act .I am not going to china ,going back in april and may for more fishing and good food ,and most of the wonderfull people of san pedro town .keep in touch
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: Trip Report - 03/28/03 11:14 AM

Too Cool, another reg.
Rick laugh laugh wink
Posted By: LaurieMar

Re: Trip Report - 03/28/03 04:59 PM

Yep, very cool. I love Banana Beach too. I gotta get my butt back there sometime soon!
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Trip Report - 03/28/03 05:24 PM

Capt. I'll bring one chicken and one case of beer per person, can I tag along next trip? wink
Posted By: DoubleE

Re: Trip Report - 03/28/03 06:00 PM

Rickcheri, You bet I am Hooked! Thanks for all of your help you guys were great. Even though I did not hook up with Hillyboo I had a Blast fishing, Caught a big Shark, Hooked a rather large Baraccuda, And had a 31/2' Baracudda take a 6 pound grouper 4 feet from the boat. WOW!!!!! But lots of FISH and went Bone fishing and caught ? Bunch anyway---Maybe hook up with ya sometime and go fishing.
Chloe- Look out you will get hooked on this fishing stuff with Captjeff. He and Beacho will treat you right! Have fun
Captjeff--Watch out! you may have fishing partners all over the place. Action we want Action!! I am mad that you get to go back next month! Only if I could go, I would be there too!
Maybe hook up next spring break for a couple of days! Till next time. ED
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Trip Report - 03/28/03 07:53 PM

chloe you can come anytime ,chicken or no chicken ,but the beer is mandatory ,fun is a must , sense of humor a plus ,,double e is a charter member of the fishing club and I am the grand marshall we are open to new members who like fishing and a great time ...if you pass the test ,your in
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Trip Report - 03/28/03 08:00 PM

double e put you on the list in fact top of list you a a charter member ,I will be going dowm almost once a month ,any one wants to go and share the cost ,it is dirt cheap a lots of fun ,e mail captjeff and welcome abord ,fun people only ,,no dead heads ,going april 8 till the 13 and may 3 to 10 june ????? we fish 7 or 8 to 1 aprox
Posted By: DoubleE

Re: Trip Report - 03/28/03 08:02 PM

Oh I forgot about the TEST! Hah! And what was that again? Ha Ha Ha Oh and yes the belikin is a must in between fish that is. Its so hard to fish and drink that bilikin at the same time too much belikin hits the floor!
Posted By: River Shark

Re: Trip Report - 03/28/03 09:51 PM


We'll be on AC in May, the 2nd - 12th. We'll be diving primarly, but we'd like to hook up with your fishing party for a day. It sounds like you guys know how to fish & have a good time. Let me know if that's possible - I'll bring the beer.

We're staying at the Blue Tang in town, diving with Hustler and looking for a real good time

The Shark
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Trip Report - 03/28/03 10:31 PM

shark your in. right now its just you and I e mail back and will chat fishing the 5 6 7 and maybe the 8 of may let me know when you want to go .we will have a ball ,we can reef fish like 7 or 8 to 1 plenty of fish ,good eating lots of action ,good sport keep in touch or call me toll free at my job 1 800 231 7447
Posted By: River Shark

Re: Trip Report - 03/28/03 11:37 PM


That sounds great. Definitely count me in. I've never been bone fising (or deep sea for that matter), but I hear they really put up a fight.

I'm fairly open to which day, but probably tuesday the 6th. I'll give you a call the first of the week to firm up which day. Hopefully my wife will want to go with us, we'll let you know.

You can e-mail me at [email protected]

The Shark
Posted By: dbdoberman

Re: Trip Report - 03/29/03 01:04 AM

thanks for the great trip report, helped keep me excited!!!!! smile
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