capt.jeff april fishing,restaurant report

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capt.jeff april fishing,restaurant report - 05/14/03 03:13 PM

here is the capt jeff april fishing report ,well all I can say the wheather ,did not help the fishing ,may 3 to may 9 windy ,windy windy , and yes,more wind ,was from the north ,east could not fish the reef ,that sucked ,capt bicho took us to the back side ,of the island the lagoon was beautiful,we hid near the beach to stay out of the 30 knot plus winds ,first day out river shark mrs. river shark ,rich and debbie ,and my self had lots of fun ,we watched a 6 foot bull shark chase a school of jacks ,we sent our bait into the school of fish ,landing jack after jack lots of action ,small fish but very intresting action . we lost the school went to find some small rocks and coral ,we started to pick fish right away ,had great fun the river shark was getting very comfortable ,so he was standing on the back of our boat hooked a fish , the rod went over the side river shark tried to hold on but his butt ,went the water ,a 4.0landing .3.5 for not losing his sun glasses or the fishing pole .we laughed our butts off ,funny he was a great sport rich and his wife are so wonderful ,we made a move to try one more spot,we had a dolphin next to the boat ,river shark jumps in to play ,with flipper ,the dolphin wants no part of this gringo ,and books off .river shark comes in with a smile ,again good sport,that he is .had a fun day had filet snapper ,all in all a fun day .sun shining ,nice people it does not get any better .the rest of the week the wind blew and blew sun shined ,we fished for snapper,caught lots of small fish,we did not keep.hooked some cuda,jacks .we had a ok week ,always had action ,not so with the bone fishing to much wind made it not a good day for flats .any way be fishing in june will report back then .................... restaurant report ..............
to start the sun bar.b que at bc,,bar fabulous ,,,wonderful ,meet all the bord members .river shark and mrs.shark chucklebutt family .d6pack dave and racquel,o jackie islenutt,pedro 1 ,from calf ,escaber gene and so much more ,fun time a must for sun lunch ...went back to lanngippe arcross from fidos dan and tree went out of there way to be nice to the group.thay have gumbo to die for great burgers ,chicken , salads ,all fresh stuff ,dinner specials ,and a cozzy bar with music for dinner ,on my 5 star list .also went back to el divino great intimate atmosphere,5 star service ,always have the combo from south america ,all you can eat ham shrimp steak ,chicken ,they bring all of this on a spit they keep coming out with food till you blow up..whem you say no mas,please they stop good value ,see dustin the manager tell him capt jeff sent you ,he wiil get you a after dinner,drink . sweet basils ,for lunch a must great salads ,in the am I go to estels for breakfast,see charlie ,what a guy ,great burrito moring ham eggs beans salsa about a foot long yum yum yum ,hot coffee,and great conversation , well thats about it for this month will report back in june ,be there,10 to 16 ,all in all meet great folks .made new buddys .love san pedro the people the ocean ,the sun,life can be great if you let your dreams come true .love you all,.....
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Ditto laugh
Capt Jeff - Glad your test went well!
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Thanks Cpt. for the great fun report.
We love the way you describe the action.
Nice overview on the restaurants.
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Whew, nice report but my eyes crossed. Was that one sentence ?
Fun Fun Fun smile
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ny gal yes one ,run on sentence.I went to the school of hard knocks .thank god I do not have to write for a living,I would starve to death .glad you liked it.have a great day and warmest regards ,the capt jeff ...........
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