very short report-pictures

Posted By: o jackie

very short report-pictures - 05/25/03 03:37 PM

Well back from trip #4:

Did not do much except visit the Loins Clinic on a daily basis, for eight days. I have the utmost respect and trust in the doctors(Teresa Damera and Michael Allison) at the clinic, they did the best to treat my Pneumonia,ear infection and tonsilitis. So I have no fear in traveling to San Pedro and getting sick.

I stayed at Banana Beach and met alot of new folks from the board. I wish I could enjoyed hanging out with Andrea and her crew a little more, but things happen. Maybe next year.Becky(it was great),Daylon,Gela,Mr and Mrs d6pack, Mr and Mrs Rivershark, Chucklebutt and crew-whomever else I missed.

I would just like to take the time and thank everyone that was there and help me through my illness. My number one nursemaid, Islenutt and her help Texasbug.Monte and Scott, for filling me in on the evening befores event. The staff at Bananas-Monkey Business-El Divino for calling cabs,doctors and checking to make sure I was okay.Pedro1 for his wit,charm and sarcasm that help to turn a bad situation good.Charlie, for teaching me that all dogs are not bad.The rest of the English crew-Chris,Grant and Peter, Lorie, the girls from New Jersey-especially Bilesse,Mary and Olympia,Portofino-Jan and Barefoot-Tim.

Chatters, thanks for the birthday presents and well wishes.

So to make what could be a long story short- I actually enjoyed my whole vacation. I guess just being there does it for me, whether being sick or not.


Posted By: Mel S

Re: very short report-pictures - 05/25/03 06:00 PM

I am sorry you were sick during your holiday. You didn't look very sick, you looked wonderful in all the shots. Thanks for sharing these great pictures, and thanks for using my website for a link. Best-Wishes, mel
Posted By: NYgal

Re: very short report-pictures - 05/25/03 11:11 PM

So sorry you were ill, but thankfully you had some help in your recouperation. Belize is a healing factor too.

Good pics, thanks for sharing. smile

I hope the Birthday was a good one, we all were there with you in heart.
Posted By: o jackie

Re: very short report-pictures - 05/26/03 01:09 PM

Well MelS,
Thanks for saying I did not look sick,but looks are deceiving. If you would notice the pictures, there are only 4 days of them out of a 19 day vacation.

Thanks NYGal,
I know that you were all there with me, in heart.

Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: very short report-pictures - 05/26/03 10:45 PM

Hi O Jackie: You look better sick, than lots of us, who are well!!! I am very glad to hear of good treatment at the Lion's Clinic. I will pass along your compliments to my fellow Lions and the Lions Clinic. Take care: Bill PS. I really enjoyed your photos. If I were a little more with it, I'd climb aboard the Digital "bandwagon".
Posted By: o jackie

Re: very short report-pictures - 05/27/03 01:03 AM

I have to thank Angie, for putting those on a CD for me, cuz I am not on that bandwagon either, I would have been lost, if she did not do that for me.
Yes, please tell the doctors thanks again and that according to my doctor here they did a fantastic job with treatment and medication.

P.S.- I am sending a letter to the Sun-about my Lions Clinin adventure- they do have a letters to the editor section dont they.

Posted By: beach bob

Re: very short report-pictures - 05/27/03 05:04 PM

Sorry to hear you were sick on vacation, at least you lived to tell the tale? smile

Great pics; Tom Waits Jersey Girl comes to mind in a couple pics wink

A couple questions for you:

Where did you do your birthday dinner? Looks like a nice place.

Who is the Main Man? & what's he holding? No not THAT hand, the other one w/ the banjo looking thing! wink That isn't Barefoot Skinny is it? Somehow I pictured him as younger ...

& you're in Cleveland? I'm an expat from NE OH myself (Bainbridge, Medina, Akron...). Was just up that way a month ago for a quick weekend; wished I could have stayed longer. Go Brownies & Go Tribe!

laugh <== note he has Chief Wahoo's smile
Posted By: Over_40_Pirate

Re: very short report-pictures - 05/27/03 05:06 PM

Damn, Jackie...seems to me on 50% of your trips to AC you are sick! Hope you're feeling better!
When you get time, send me an email with all the details of your rush.
Hope you had a good b-day despite being sick...we were there in spirit!
We're still shooting for a return trip next year(timing is still TBD)...this time with the whole family (and Doug, of course!)AAARRRGGGHHH!!!
Posted By: o jackie

Re: very short report-pictures - 05/27/03 07:00 PM

Hello Beach Bob,
So glad that I lived to tell the tale. Thanks to the Dr.Damaras at the Loins Clinic and all my concerned helpers, mentioned above.

Dont understand the New Jersy comment.

I had my birthday dinner at El Divino, located at Banana Beach Resort.It is a beautiful place and the food is excellent.

Main Man= Piasano,yes he is holding a banjo, I dont think it had strings though. No that is not Barefoot Skinny, he has the purple shirt on in the cat x photo.

Wish I was an ex-pat from Ohio, sorry about your luck of having to come here. Oh, dont like the Browns or the Indians.

Those are ALL the details of my trip. Maybe a few more here and there,like a terrific party and many a meal at El Divino ,excellent dinner at Portofino, an great bbq at BC's,a nasty lunch at "IT" and lots of chicken flavored ramon noodles.Getting chased by a mutt,Jimmy Buffet searching, visiting Essene Way, those are pretty much my only memories.
Posted By: klcman

Re: very short report-pictures - 05/27/03 08:36 PM

nice pix anyway kiddo - who's the blue bikini babe wink
Posted By: beach bob

Re: very short report-pictures - 05/27/03 08:43 PM


>>Dont understand the New Jersy comment.

One of your pics were captioned "the New Jersey Girls", w/ a tableful of attractive ladies, so I was reminded of the song... you know, "Sha la la la la la la la, I'm in love with a Jersey Girl"... I guess WMMS doesn't play it anymore frown

(Don't mind me; I ramble on occasion)

>> Wish I was an ex-pat from Ohio

Oops. Sorry you're not happy there... It's the homeland for me; poor assumption on my part thinking the same of you. Hope you get to move where you desire to be smile

re: teams, NP ... After 15 years here in SoFla I still can't get excited about the Marlins or (ugh) the Dolphins...

Glad you're better, & thanks for the trip report cool
Posted By: o jackie

Re: very short report-pictures - 05/27/03 09:48 PM

No wmms for me, wgar-country. No, cant say as though I ever heard the New Jersey song.

It's PURPLE!!!!! :p
Posted By: klcman

Re: very short report-pictures - 05/27/03 10:11 PM

so I'm color blind :p
Posted By: dbdoberman

Re: very short report-pictures - 05/27/03 11:54 PM

were you really looking at the color anyway, klc?? :p

Jackie, what a crappy way to spend so much time on AC, but glad to see you managed to have a great time all the same. What wonderful folks to be there to help you through your misery. We will have to dub Pedro...Saint Pete, who would have ever thought. wink Glad to hear the mystery person you spent so much time with was Charlie! So much cuter than Pedro laugh It was good to read about the quality of care you received at the clinic, very reassuring to me.

Loved the pix, thanks for sharing, but..ummmm, did you HAVE to include the "liquido stand" just for me??? hahaha, loved it. Sorry you had to return to the Land of Cleve, but at least summer is approaching. Thanks for sharing it all. smile
Posted By: Seaislegal

Re: very short report-pictures - 05/28/03 02:48 PM


Glad you are finally feeling better! I felt bad that you were so sick on vacation. I was glad my chest congestion and lost voice didn't go any further than that! Finally got my voice back by the time to go home at least, I'll have to remember to pack more cold type medications next time! Dan and Rob from my gang were feeling a little off by the end of the trip but they had more stomach problems. Might have been the 95% alcohol / 5% food ratio they put in there all week!!

Just be glad that the jail was on the mainland <g>! wink Another one of those stories that had 5 different versions the next!

Andrea in Atlanta
Posted By: Chloe

Re: very short report-pictures - 05/29/03 01:28 AM

Jail?.......hey give us one or two of the Jail verisons, let us be the judge on the correct verison........too funny.
Posted By: seashell

Re: very short report-pictures - 05/29/03 01:42 AM

LOL, indeed!! Tell us the versions. It might be of interest to your friends to note that there is a jail in San Pedro . . .however, the prison is on the mainland. They could have been cooling their heels . . .
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