mata chica pic

Posted By: Marty

mata chica pic - 07/31/03 01:48 AM

wanna feel like you were at mata chica like almost yesterday?

click on this pic:

and this wider aspect ration version of that same pic:

thought i'd share a pretty pic...
Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: mata chica pic - 07/31/03 11:07 AM

Very nice pic! Almost as if I were walking back to my chair with a nice, cold Beliken. Sand crunching between my toes, sun bathing my body, only thing missing is _______ wow, so many names to insert here. lol eek
Posted By: indygal

Re: mata chica pic - 08/01/03 12:45 AM

Have been looking for a good picture for my desk top picture. And this is IT! Thanks Pam
Posted By: Everglades

Re: mata chica pic - 08/01/03 01:32 PM

There's got to be some message here, ..... but what is it?

Re: mata chica pic - 08/01/03 02:51 PM

i got the message alright, , , i'm justa seaside sittin justa smokin and a drinkin on ringside. . . . ON TOP OF THE WOOOOOOORLD. . . . i gotta drink in my hand, i got my toes in the sand OOOOOOOHHHHHAAAAAA.

HOHUM, i just realized i was still in houston
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