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AC Report - 01/04/04 08:30 PM

Just returned from our first trip to AC. Since the information I received from this board was so helpful I thought Iíd file a report. What a great trip. Can see why everyone is wild about it. It is an island paradise. Will never forget the clear turquoise water. We stayed at Belizean Shores. Great location, beautiful rooms, and good service. As mentioned by others, this part of the island is a little more secluded. But itís what my family and I were looking for. Challenging bike rides (a little bumpy and watch for falling coconuts) and scenic walks along the beach. BS is about 3 miles to the cut and a half hour bike ride. Itís walking distance to a few other resorts/restaurants. Snorkeling and fishing by Mexico Rocks was fantastic. My young daughter hauled in more snappers than I did. We cooked Ďem up in our room. Best meal of the week. Pool at BS is the best by far. Wonderfully designed and landscaped. Web shots donít really do it justice. They just completed the hot tub and it should be working by now. Nice addition. Beach BBQ trip to Costa Maya Resort was fun too. Kids got their hair braided. Restaurants up north pricier than in town. Guess it's the added cost of moving the goods up there.

Weather was good overall, only rained on Sunday. But very changeable. Be prepared. Itís clear one minute and clouds come in the next and then they move out. Typically tropical I suppose. Very windy though. I heard that was a little unusual for this time of year.

Spent New Yearís Eve in town. Had some chow a Caliente, shopped. Missed the chicken drop. Then later had dinner at Elviís Kitchen. It was excellent. Drinks at Big Daddyís. Everyone said Ramonís was the place to be and so we went. Saw many familiar faces there. Then it started pouring. Anybody else out there go to Ramonís? Wasnít easy getting a drink at the bar. It was mobbed. Good band and dance party. Memorable ringing in of a New Year. Funny picture I hope to post soon taken after it started raining - the worldís record for how many people fit under a bar tent. Like a can of sardines! Water was rough going back up north that night.

Really got to love Belikin beer. Wish I could have brought some home or could get it here. But I did get the tee shirt. Will miss those gentle breezes, sunsets, swaying palms and feeling that you are cut off from the world just a little bit in a place that is unspoiled by civilization. Been to a few great vacation places. This was altogether different. But you all know that already. Iíll be back. Happy New Year.
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Re: AC Report - 01/04/04 09:32 PM

What a great report, ditto, I've been going since 1996 and still love it. In fact I have actually travelled the world and never go anywhere now but to A.C. and in fact our friends even bought a house and love going there with all their family. I get to be there Jan 9 and even bought a really great priced ticket ($370)R.T. from L.A. to go again in March just couldn't pass it up.
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Re: AC Report - 01/04/04 11:45 PM

Thanks for the nice report. I have to agree with you that Belizean Shores has an incredible pool. We sailed a small catermaran from town up to BS and back when we visited SP last August. The owner met us at the dock and welcomed us to stay and eat, drink and swim. Very friendly bartender too - made a great rum punch. A really memorable day. Can't wait to see your vacation pics. We have a bunch of pics of BS on our website if you want to look at them. Glad you enjoyed your time in paradise! mobunny laugh
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