Trip Report #2

Posted By: DoubleE

Trip Report #2 - 03/25/04 05:36 PM

Saturday 3/20 Took a trip with Sea Duced to Lamani. Wow what a long day but well worth the time and money! Loaded the boat at 7am picked others up till 7:30-8:00am then off to the mainland. Had a short breakfask on the boat and saw lots of different stuff. Docked at Bomba, Everyone shoped for a while, What beautiful work these people do with wood. (Great place to buy your carvings) Loaded a bus and headed for another river and tour guide to the Lamani Ruins.We saw a couple of small crocks and got several great pictures. (Will try to post them Later) Had lunch and toured the ruins. Saw some (Several) Howler monkeys and they were singing away. All climbed the large ruin by rope and what a sight from the top (This is a must do) Harder to come down then up but use the rope and you will be fine! Back on to the boat for a fairly Quick ride back to the bus and by now the Rum punch was flowing. Bus ride back to our first boat. (Tip, do not try to drink a rum punch on the bus!!!!) A fast ride out of the mainland and back to San Pedro! Long day and in bed by 9pm. Sunday wanted to rent a cart and go up north but a beach walk down to Cholos revieled that no gas carts were available. (Rent one for 24 hrs) so it was time to hit the beach bars all the way back to Paradise Villas. We looked all over for a gas cart. It was around 4pm when we got back to the room and decieded to make a day of this bar thing and try the Hammock House (This shoud be a must for all) Stayed at the hammock house till around 7 and headed back. The folks at this place were great and wished we would have spent more time there. Mon. morning before the flight out spent the morning watching the people on the beach from the Paradise Hotel Beach Bar, Had to have a few more of those fresh fruit drinks and the food here is great, and as I heard that this was the last week of operation! Too bad as we spent several evenings and off time there hanging out. A tip for all is too carry a copy of your passport with you if you have travelers checks this is a requirement on the island too sign with an ID #. We stayed at Paradise Villas this year and the rooms and service was excellant! Too all who plan to stay there you will not regret it a bit. Too all who may be looking then this is the place. A little bit more to follow later.
Posted By: Phyllis&Ray

Re: Trip Report #2 - 03/25/04 07:09 PM

We are staying at Paradise Villas in April, glad to hear you were pleased. All of the places sound great, just depends on what you are looking for I guess.
23 days to go, can't wait to taste my first Belikin !!
Posted By: KWIBMF

Re: Trip Report #2 - 03/25/04 10:36 PM

Rope?! sheeesh, next thing ya know, they'll have an escalator.
Posted By: DoubleE

Re: Trip Report #2 - 03/25/04 11:43 PM

KWIBMF, If you go you will appriciate the Rope! But hey to each his own. It was good for balance, the upper steps had nothing. Have fun if you go.

Phyllis, You will have a good time and WILL be treated right! They do a very nice job of tending to your every need. So if you need something you just have to ask. We had a case of belikins delivered to the room before we got there and they were cold!!! OH to be back there in the No hustle Island Relax and have a great time!
Posted By: KWIBMF

Re: Trip Report #2 - 03/25/04 11:57 PM

I was joking. I have been there, but there was no rope. It would have been nice to have though.
Posted By: mikell

Re: Trip Report #2 - 03/26/04 01:54 AM

sounds like a great trip...we didn't do any mainland tours...but i'm sure the trip to the ruins is wonderful...would love to do that one day. looking forward to seeing your pictures.

one note....we cashed travellers checks several times at milo's money change in town (supposedly the best rates available) and only used a driver's licence...didn't need a passport.
Posted By: DoubleE

Re: Trip Report #2 - 03/26/04 05:25 PM

Mikell, you are right they just needed a I.D. # It was just that I had my passport copy handy. Last year we did not have to do any ID #'s. But it was only a problem the first time I tried to cash one and had to run back to the room to get it, a whole 75 yards!! Ha Ha. The ruins are a must if you return.
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: Trip Report #2 - 03/26/04 09:46 PM

Mikell - 10 days in Belize an not one mainland trip? tsk, tsk (finger wagging)! Guess you'll just have to go back! wink
Posted By: mikell

Re: Trip Report #2 - 03/27/04 01:18 AM


you are right...i would have loved to include a trip to the mainland...but couldn't convince my husband to do it...his only interest was the water...snorkeling & had something to do with the thought of being in a jungle...ANY jungle! i think his "tour of duty" back in the late 60s left some bad memories he isn't anxious to recall! jungles hold no attraction for him!
Posted By: NYgal

Re: Trip Report #2 - 03/27/04 04:27 AM

May I add one thing, the whole eastern side of Belize is water smile

We have traveled once to the jungle, most of our trips are on main roads, since there are only a few main highways.

Your husband may be interested in the rivers as well as the't not all jungle, although it looks it from the sky when flying into the country.
I guarantee you it's not smile
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