capt jeff aug,fishing and restaurant report

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capt jeff aug,fishing and restaurant report - 08/13/04 05:03 PM

well fishing and food fans here is the august report ,to start with the weather was just great ,no rain not once ,lite winds .very nice as it was hot and sticky at times ,the full moon had passed and the tides where not to storms .. on all days we fished from only 7 to 12 only half days .

day one to day 4 was the same ,we fished south about a mile to two miles off the beach and the bite was fast and furious ,fish after fish ,we used sardines for bait ,you would cast your line out and get a bite right a way ,you pull your rod up fast it is a fish or no bait ,we are catching mutton snapper ,one after the other or a yellow tail ,or a mangrove snapper fishing does not get any better !!!! my guests for the days where steve from coconets internet cafe who is fast becoming a skilled fisherman ,william a employee of steve also a nice guy and new to fishing with a rod and reel .he likes hand line fishing ???? like the stone age folksduh???.and my good friend chris from island internet ,and pelican realestate. also a skilled fishermen not as good as me but ok ,well just ok, love ya babe ... ..our guide and capt is the famous capt bicho virgilo from fame the best guide there !!! and his son bicho jr as his mate .any way the first 4 days are the same just catching fish after fish , we are tired from all the fish catching by 12 noon we start home ,just super seas ,calm waters ,we can see clear down 50 feet ,great visibility ,we see rays ,sharks ,cuda's all species of fish . it was a livin the fishing dream to the max ..a good time was had by all even if I caught most of the fish !!! sorry chris ..!!!

day five no guests tried the lagoon just me and capt bicho fished with fresh shrimp,and crab ,caught and released 20 bone fish a small permit ,and two cud'a not bad for 5 hours fishing ,capt bicho is a great reef capt but also has spots in the back water that produce record flats cathes, would like to have a flats contest would bet he will win the event almost every day he is that good !!!! want to fish the flats with fly or spin he is your man .he is that good ..

day six my guests are gaye and david from texas ,true blue board members and good friends of the folks in sanpedro ,just super nice folks ,well here is the deal we fish south close to the reef ,calm seas, we catch fish after fish ,gaye is trying to show the guys up and she is doing a great job ,and everytime she catches a fish she rubs it in !!! do not get me wrong myself and my buddy david are catching fish just not as many or as big as her !!! just lucky ,any way ,a small cuda is going tru the cut in thre reef ,we put on a whole sardine she casts it out ,bang a flash of water ,a strike a leap of silver ,cuda ,no way a huge tarpon about 100 lb class takes gaye for a ride runs off the spool leaps and dances till the fish is tired of playing we us ..and takes off to mexico with her hook and line .she has a huge smile and now has a blister from catching so many fish ,and gaye never shuts up about all the fish she caught all the way home ,me and david wag our tail between our legs like little puppies and we say nothing ..another wonderful day ,capt bicho tells jokes all the way home about how good she was and she should show us how to catch fish !!!!!! we all meet at b/c bbq on the beach it is sunday ,to eat great bbq, and drink mucho, belkins , mo bunny and irm show to join us ,what good times we all had this was also livin the dream x 100 with good friends ,good fishing ,good food , it does not get any better trust me this was a real deal day ..

day seven ...capt bicho takes us to snorkel , gaye and david ,mobunny and irm her hubby from the board , the famous capt bicho ,bicho jr me and a local friend carlissa .
blue skys calm waters ,the plan is to snorkel around where we fished the day before ,and dive for lobster with capt bicjo and jr .. well the day just starts off, great as we anchor a huge turtle welcomes us to the reef and hangs around with us ,what fun we are snorkeling with him or her ???how can you tell who's ,who any way.. capt. bicho starts throwing bait fish in, and lots of fish come to eat the feast , for one hour and a half we have a fish all around the boat .warm water ,hot sun ,cool tropical breeze ,what a trip ...bicho jr is our dive buddy and stays with us a shows us the fish and shallow reef we are only in 6 or 7 feet of water ,,the next stop coral gardens a nice stop big coral formations ,not as many fish ,gaye see'ds a huge nurse shark .but the water is not as clear as the first spot and we are spoiled from the first stop .we stay half a hr then the go for the lobster ,well bicho jr is part fish ,he dives to capt bicho secret spots where he has his own traps they are like houses ,and gets us lobster after lobster ,for lunch we are to tired to help so he does it all....,twenty lobsters later we start home for our lobster feast ..we have arranged this at the stained glass pub ,for my fairwell party as i am leaving the next day ..marie the owner and gourmet chef has our table ready .we bring in some filet snapper caught the day before ,and marie the owner does her magic ,suffed lobster with newburg sause ,grilledlobster with garlic butter sauce ,snapper franchise ,home made cole slaw ,and potatos,fresh garlic bread ,and for mo bunny and irm a vegetable fried rice dish and a super veg pasta dish ,we are all in haven ,deliciouis food cooked freah , ice cold beers and home made dessert bread pudding with wiskey sauce ,and banana forster with home made ice cream ,,and good friends a another livin the dream day x200,,this is just super duper lunch ,we have to much food ,and leave stuffed and the memories are priceless .thanks to capt bicho virgilo and bicho jr ,plus marie and her husband jimmy from stainglass pub in town a must try place ,

well thats the fishing part ,now my restarant part
stainglass pub still a great place for lunch or dinner a must try place ,also did casa picasso again just great place to eat ..a must do on fri when they have paillea night again spelled wrong sorry .. . the husband and wife team are wonderful owners and do a wonderful job ,very good service ,very good food .. great drinks on my top ten list ..try this place ,a must do!!!!!!!! . went north to try again after new owners took over the famous capricorn restaurant ...a place north of town you need to take the boat there ,,here is the story ..loved it ,,loved it loved it ,,great atmosphere ,romantic ,candels all around the place , new owners where very nice good staff,is back on my capt jeff top ten list a must do . also is taste of thialand still very good food ,nice ambeance ,very nice staff across from the golf and ice cream place a little out of town also on my list reservations a must small place .. ..

well thats the story for now wonderful week good weather ,,capt jeff still livin the dream .and enjoying life to the max in sanpedro.. watch for photos of all soon ...

much awaited photos of the gang and the lobsters
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Re: capt jeff aug,fishing and restaurant report - 08/13/04 05:36 PM

What a wonderful report! I was salivating just reading it. You guys can't possibly eat all that fish eek ? I can't seem to find the Stained Glass Pub on the maps, where is it located? I would love to try it in November. ~Jenn
Posted By: CAPTAIN bigzeke

Re: capt jeff aug,fishing and restaurant report - 08/13/04 07:02 PM

Great report and I could not agree with you more with Casa Picasso & Capricorn. Two of the best places on AC for sure!
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Re: capt jeff aug,fishing and restaurant report - 08/13/04 07:28 PM

fuzzy ,navel yes we eat lots of fish ,throw small fish back ,keep only whats to be eatin ,but have a friend who feeds people fresh fish meal in belize city for free !!!! so we try to give them all she can use. stainglass pub is next to aqua marina suites ,end of town ,one block north of coconets internet cafe next and manneyls ice cream one block up,get lost ask steve where it is at coconet cafe ..go book a day or half day with bicho at ..and live the dream and enjoy...
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Re: capt jeff aug,fishing and restaurant report - 08/13/04 07:31 PM

CAPTAIN BIGZEKE , yes both places are cool ,have very good food and the owners are in to what they are doing !!!~!this should be on all folks must go list ..
Posted By: RI Beth

Re: capt jeff aug,fishing and restaurant report - 08/14/04 03:38 PM

Hey Captain Jeff!

It was great to see you last week. Thanks again for breakfast. Glad you had a fabulous week.

I was lucky enough to meet Gay and David and can personally vouch for Gay's enormous blister. I was very impressed.
Posted By: Chloe

Re: capt jeff aug,fishing and restaurant report - 08/14/04 03:47 PM

Gay. you go girl!
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Re: capt jeff aug,fishing and restaurant report - 08/14/04 04:03 PM

chloe hope all is well in your life .and yes gay you go girl .fishing with capt bicho and ,think the capt created a monster in gay,watch out all you fisherman gay is in the house..........
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Re: capt jeff aug,fishing and restaurant report - 08/14/04 04:07 PM

RI beth glad we got to see esch other again . the capt enjoys your sweet demeanor ,and lovely personality hope your dream comes to reality..keep in touch let me know if i can help....
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Re: capt jeff aug,fishing and restaurant report - 08/15/04 02:37 AM

Let the record show that El Capitano Jeff owes me $10.00BZE for a small series of fishing bets we had on day 4 of his trip. I do not wish to harp on about this except to mention that the bets refer to fishing skills.

(Let the record also show that I paid up on the 2nd day when the El Capitano, Will and Steve all showed me what a rotten angler I am)
Posted By: captjeff

Re: capt jeff aug,fishing and restaurant report - 08/15/04 02:32 PM

chris oh my god you will blame your poor fishing skill on the rod,not the angler oh please ,on day 4 the score was tied ,yes and you got the first fish and we tied on most fish.. but the judge ,capt bicho rivero ,ruled that my trigger fish was the winner ,and was done with out any bribe of money to the honorable was purely on the bet is even . will give you a chance or two next trip you cry baby.. will bring some new judges ???like go vikes or pedro 1 some one with lots of integrety and class.then we will see who can talk the talk and walk the walk. buddy !!!!!!!!
Posted By: Chris

Re: capt jeff aug,fishing and restaurant report - 08/15/04 04:16 PM

Capt. Bicho biggest fish decision:

$0.00US offered: Chris had the biggest fish
$20.00US offered: Chris JUST had the biggest fish
$30.00US offered: Capt Jeff and Chris had biggest fish of equal size
$40.00US offered and accepted: Capt Jeff had the biggest fish

(Dollar amounts shown are "research fees" offered by Capt. Jeff to Capt. Bicho for his unbiaised and expert opinion as to who had the biggest fish).

This is truly Democracy at Work and it moves me to tears of pride: I must concede that Capt Jeff had the biggest fish because I can't afford to pay Capt. Bicho $50.00US for his expert opinion to be in my favour.
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Re: capt jeff aug,fishing and restaurant report - 08/15/04 06:15 PM

and I rest.. my case,, my belizean brother..wait till sept 12 to the 18 for a return performance.. and it was not 5o$us it was $25 us ,there cry baby are you happy now!!!!!!!!!
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: capt jeff aug,fishing and restaurant report - 08/15/04 08:34 PM

Poor,poor Chris. Always the also ran. I'm in tears myself.
Posted By: Chris

Re: capt jeff aug,fishing and restaurant report - 08/16/04 12:04 AM

Ernie, I'm going to work extra hard this month to make sure I've got enough money to convince Capt. Bicho that my 5lb fish is bigger than Capt. Jeff's 2lb fish.
Posted By: govikes

Re: capt jeff aug,fishing and restaurant report - 08/16/04 02:21 PM

Sorry Chris, but my judging fees are even more exhorbitant than Bicho's. So better start saving up your money. Cuz Capt. Jeff's already got an edge on ya: I'm his fishing babe. wink
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Re: capt jeff aug,fishing and restaurant report - 08/16/04 02:33 PM

chris we will be watching capt bicho's checking acount ,how low will you go to beat capt jeff's fish ?????.
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Re: capt jeff aug,fishing and restaurant report - 08/16/04 02:38 PM

go vikes if you wear your see tru bikini who will think about fishing . chris who ??????? fishing when .duh duh ,,
Posted By: govikes

Re: capt jeff aug,fishing and restaurant report - 08/16/04 02:41 PM

I don't have a see thru bikini. And my white floozy dress is NOT see thru either. Although it would certainly make it easier for ME to catch the most fish if I did wear one. hmmmm..... eek
Posted By: captjeff

Re: capt jeff aug,fishing and restaurant report - 08/18/04 02:35 PM

govikes clothing is optional on the fishing yatch.. any thing goes ,well almost anything ,well anything is ok as long as you are livin your dream ..
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