capt jeff's nov fishing report and bill thornton

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capt jeff's nov fishing report and bill thornton - 12/05/04 07:18 PM

Well fishing fans made a short trip into San Pedro to get the Capt Jeff Royal Palms condo in order, all is well and looks great. So I did get to fish three days.

Day One .. I went out Sun, 7 am with the famous Capt Bicho Rivero and his mate Bicho Jr. This guide is in my book, the best of class in San Pedro. The guests were Govikes from the board, Steve from Coconuts Internet Cafe, and Gail Govikes buddy from Minn. and me Capt Jeff. Went out, the fishing was good, not great, but good, as we had full moon tide... We fished south near the inside reef, just super weather, we caught some nice size yellow tail snappers, some mutton snappers, action was good. Govikes had her own personal mate Bicho Jr baiting her hook and giving her extra attention as she had on her floozy bikini... we fished only 3 hrs, had plenty of fish to eat. We took a ride to shark and ray alley to snorkel. We tied up at the spot and Gail, Steve, and Govikes went in the water. We threw lots of sardine bait fish out to get the fish around the boat. This was lots of fun. The water was warm and clear, first time there for Gail who was very impressed. Loved her time there. Everyone had a blast. After about an hour in the water, it was time to go to Cayecauker to see Silkpainter and to eat. We arrived famished, we looked for Silkpainter but she was not there until 5pm, so we ran to the Sandbox for beers, great conch chowder. The special for the day was fresh roast pork, rice beans potato salad, yum yum yum. Great, very cheap lunch. Took a walk through town, it helped digest the monster feed we just consumed as we where stuffed. Capt Bicho said he has a secret spot where big baracuda hang out and it was on the way home. We traveled a few minutes we slowed the boat down. Capt Bicho was looking for something on the reef which only he knows. We try to figure it out but the spot was known only to him??? We think it was a break in the reef. Anyway he spots what he is looking for... this must be the place as he has a smile on his face and says he can see big baracuda on the surface. This area is close to the reef in the calm waters after the waves stop breaking over the coral. We re-rigged our baits with treblehooks with wire leader, and used some of our live yellow tail snappers that we had just caught earlier. We started a slow troll, bang bang bang, the 'ship' hit the fan, all hell broke loose! Huge cudas are chopping into our live fish. The bite is on and Govikes has a huge one hooked and it is leaping high out of the water. It is the biggest cuda I have ever seen, four, maybe five foot long ????? It is huge!! By the time the story is posted Govikes will say it will be at least ten feet long. She fights the fish for a few minutes and it does one final leap high in the air, and does acrobatics, breaks off and we lose the fish as it takes off for Mexico for a vacation?? She did a good job but it was too big and it snapped off two of the three stainless hooks. This is no fish story, this was the real deal! Anyway two fish were boated at that spot and four fish got off either breaking tackle or breaking line. Just an action-packed adventure, one for the diary. We headed home after a wonderful day. Many thanks to Capt Bicho and crew who helped us all live the dream with priceless memories.

Day Two, it was me and the President !!!!!!!!None other than Bill Thornton, yes the infamous, or is it famous?? Just me and the prez, no secret service, not much security to talk about as he was incognito. They were there, but in helicopters and boats all around us, but not in the way. We had a great day, Bill caught lots of snapper. We did some bonding, had lots of laughs. I learned lots about things in San Pedro as Bill is involed with the San Pedro Lion's Club. They do great work here in town. He is only one of a few gringos in the club. Anyway we caught lots of snappers. Bill is quite the fisherman. We caught our fill, then we had Bicho Jr dive to the lobster spots his father has and he got us some nice lobsters for dinner. The Bill Thornton smiling photos will be posted Monday or Tuesday. All in all we had a fabulous day, and he is truly a nice guy with a big heart, and one who is making a difference here in San Pedro by helping needy folks with his great work with the club. I will talk about that subject later on in the post, but I vowed to ALSO HELP!!!!!!!! Story on that to follow. The day ended with a great lunch at Stained Glass Pub where we had great Cuban sandwiches and good conversation. It was a true 'living the dream' experience which makes San Pedro and meeting new friends a part of my life...

Day Three was super clear skies, sun shining with no wind. Took my contractor's son Cody out for a short 7-to-11 fishing jaunt as I had commitments to meet Bill Thornton and some of his fellow San Pedro Lion's Club members. A Mr. Benito Marin and wife who is President of the Club. I gave them a donation for the food basket fund, for senior folks who could use some holiday gifts and good tidings!!!!! Anyway we fished south and caught some big school master snapper and mutton snapper as well as some spanish mackeral. We fished the outer reef in deep water and had some big run offs from big fish. We used whole sardine. This was a quick day out on the ocean. Cody the local boy had a wonderful time and a huge smile and we had lots of big fish to filet to take home to eat and prove our story. This was another 'living the dream' day, quality time spent, and I got to take a young local kid fishing for his first time on a boat, so I felt I was was twice blessed...

The short week flew by, we had very good weather and I got to see good friends. One of the restaurants in town I went to was Stained Glass Pub, one of my favorites, ate there 3 or 4 times, and is in my top ten list. The owner Chef Marie is very talented with gourmet qualities. She will make your stay a great one. I cooked some meals in my condo this trip, a first for me, so not much of a food report. Thanks to Bill I got to do some good things in the community for the nice local people. I believe if you're now living in a place you love like San Pedro, do something to help out any way you can to better people's lives, if not money, do some volunteer work!!!!! Good for the heart and pays dividends. This was a big 'living the dream' week for Capt Jeff. Goodbye for now. Tight lines and good fishing to you all.

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Sounds like a fun time and successful fishing venture. I think it is cool that you took that local boy out to fish - I bet he will not forget it for a long time to come!
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Jeff, stop spreading the vicious rumor that our Prez for life of the Anti-Social Club is a nice guy with a big heart! eek

Glad to hear that fun was had by all, but too bad Silk didn't get her dove chocolates...
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something different about jeff's post, and i just can't put my finger on it.
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help wink
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dogmatic prevaricator I had my administrative assistant check it for grammar ,and put in the dots and cross the t's but after seeing the post.. I like the old dumb , dyslexic , real jeff better ..
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My new book, "Good deeds and guilt" will soon be availible...$49.95,,,send me yo money. :rolleyes:
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Capt. Jeff~
Love the pics and always enjoy reading about your fishing trips. Will see ya soon!
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Re: capt jeff's nov fishing report and bill thornton - 12/06/04 10:44 PM

coco loco be down around same time as you guys ,, comming down jan 22 for a 7 days of living the dream ....
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Re: capt jeff's nov fishing report and bill thornton - 12/07/04 12:12 AM

Hey CaptJeff,
Good to see the fish are still coming to you. You'd think they would wise up to your schedule.
Deb and I are making plans to go back to Roatan in May like last year. Maybe next year, 2006, we will come back to AC - preferably for Jerry Jeff's "Camp Belize".
If you don't catch all the fish, we will go out with you again - but bring me a life jacket, You know how I am.

Your Friend,
River Shark
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Sorry I couldn't fish this trip, Jeff. Mind you, according to Govikes this is the norm even when I'm on the boat.
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chris we both know ,how good a fishermen you are now have packing that stiff rod ..and now ,know how to use it.. i am sorry your time was spent on such things as work trip forget work and come out to the blue sea. for R and R . all work and no play makes chris a dull boy...cheers mate..
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capt. Jeff he just couldn't fish cuz he ate like on hog on Thanksgiving day (the day the Brits give thanks that the pilgrims left) and was unable to board a boat due to a weight restriction. He was getting back down to his usual trim svelte self by the time you left. eek laugh wink :p
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