Aqua Dives Belize vs ProTech Belize

Posted By: Wendy Clayton

Aqua Dives Belize vs ProTech Belize - 09/15/06 09:39 PM

I just spent a wonderful 9 nights in San Pedro.
Did many exciting things but had a very bad experience with Aqua Dives. I did the Blue Hole with them on Tues 9/12. I was spoken rudely to by a dive master on the swim to the edge and then at 130+ feet was grabbed from behind by the top of my regulator/tank roughly yanked above the rest of the group by around 10 feet, had my regulator shoved in my face and was physically spun back around and pushed. It's amazing I didn't lose my regulator out of my mouth or worse. I was told by other divers that they saw the whole thing, that I was with the group and had maybe dropped by a foot or two, my problem was I can read in the dark and spent a good deal of the dive trying to read my gauge. On the second dive at 30 ft I pressed the inflation button on my BCD to inflate slightly the button stuck and I was catipulted to the surface. Good thing that didn't happen at 130 feet. The dive master did apologize after the equipment malfunction saying he was too rough on me in the Blue Hole. Is that what you pay $240 for? I also made several dives with ProTech which was professional with good clean equipment
I would recommend ProTech, the dive masters were knowledgeable and friendly. Great staff, do yourself a favor dive with ProTech!!
Posted By: ida_y_vuelta

Re: Aqua Dives Belize vs ProTech Belize - 09/16/06 12:15 AM

Way to get a "good" experience outta ur trip!

There are so many dive shops to choose from too... i guess it's just the luck of the draw! Unfortunately, these things can happen and ppl will be stupid or rude... all u can do is learn from ur experience!

Sorry to hear u had such a bad one frown
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Aqua Dives Belize vs ProTech Belize - 09/17/06 09:05 PM

I spoke to wendy as I know her for many years ,and had a very nice time in sanpedro ,in fact she told me she loved it !!!She stayed at my royal palm condo.the above post is true !!!she told me the story ,I could not belive some dive master or dive operation could be so insenitive??I am not into diving but she was not treated right ,would stop by next trip down ,to tell them how the bad business word goes around fast !!And to make sure it never happens any more ! But know would just be wasting my time,as I think there is a problem there more than bad help. I think it is bigger than that!!!Sorry to hear the problem has spread to Aqua divers staff..Shame as they took me snorkeling 4 years ago my first trip down and I loved the great time they showed me .. Any way she had a great time and I told her she can use the love shack anytime..
glad she got to live the dream ..
Posted By: Wendy Clayton

Re: Aqua Dives Belize vs ProTech Belize - 09/17/06 11:26 PM

I see I made a couple of errors on my report. It should have read he shoved my gauge in my face and that I cannot read in the dark. I'm glad I got to see the Blue Hole but it wouldn't be worth doing again for me.
Posted By: collyk

Re: Aqua Dives Belize vs ProTech Belize - 09/17/06 11:34 PM

I was also lucky enough to spend some time with Wendy and she is a lovely person. She was very upset and quite rightly so. I am just so glad that she had such a great time for the rest of her stay.
Posted By: J DOG

Re: Aqua Dives Belize vs ProTech Belize - 09/21/06 10:29 AM

You can't go wrong with Pro Tech,they are one of the best!!
Posted By: scuba_sue

Re: Aqua Dives Belize vs ProTech Belize - 09/21/06 01:54 PM

Amigos Del Mar is my personal favorite. Great crew, and great instructor. See you in November!!!!
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