newbies trip report

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newbies trip report - 03/12/05 08:06 PM

Just wanted to thank everyone here for some good info. We flew in on Maya air to SP Tuesday the 1st. We rented a golf cart at Cars R us and proceeded to Banana Beach, which was a great deal and really nice place. They gave us unexpected breakfast vouchers upon arrival for each day we stayed. We then went to Crazy Canucks, as promised to one of the locals on our flight from Charlotte to BZE (his name was Captain Jay-Bird for those of you who may know him). At Crazy Cnaucks, we met Jay-Bird's friends, TV Tom and his dog Chay and Fancy Nancy, as well as Peter the Pervert. TV Tom is probably one of the funnest 61 year olds I have ever met. (Art and I are in our early 20s) CC is very laid back, and an awesome 'early bird' spot. TV Tom told us the other places to go, which included the chicken Drop at Pier Lounge, dinner at JamBel, Jaguar's Rehab for post- early bird, and then on to Fido's (pronounced fee-doze) to hang out under the huge palapa. We frequented the "fast food alley" for lunch, which is in town and basically a bunch of closets in a row in which you perch on a stool while natives fix you local food in microwaves and on hotplates. Cheap and awesome. Generally 2 of us ate lunch for about 10BZE including sodas. My boyfriend enjoyed the golf carting while drunk. Basically what the locals told us is that if you hurt someone you're screwed, but if you make it some safe, you're fine, just don't bring glass on the road. And don't walk the beach after midnight. I don't know why-- that's just what they told us. Look for the kid at CC that sells 'meat patties' around 6pm, they are not to be missed. Also, we heard mixed reviews of local kids soliciting money from us with a folder with a stamp for a class trip. Does anyone know if this really is a scam? Some locals say yes, some say no. We figured we'd give them some $ anyway, if they were willing to asked. One thing that made me think that maybe it was a scam was that you only saw boys doing it, and where the schools are co-ed, you wonder why there are no girls doing the same. Plus it was the same 4 or 5 kids every day. For activities, we did Snorkeling on Hol Chan and Shark Ray alley. The water was too rough for me so I quit after about 15 minutes. I did see rays and cool fish though. Art saw more... including sea turtles, sharks, rays fish and corals. He also did Mexico Rocks and something that started with a T. We did all of our tours with Tuff E Nuff, who were awesome. Wid zip line and Cave tubing the first time. Zip line was definitely fun. i liked it, art didn't. It was a neat experience. We both loved the cave tubing. Our next trip was the zoo and Xunantunich(one of the biggest ruin sites). I was disappointed with the ruins. I expected looming sites, like the pyramids or something. Then our guide told us the heiroglyphs we were seeing were not the real ones, they were behind the fiberglass facades we were actually seeing. I was bummed and kinda pissed that I paid that much to see the ruins. I loved the zoo, there were many local animals that you never would have seen without going there. Also, an advantage to going with Tuff E Nuff is that most group require you to book tours with at least 4 people, which is tough if you are a couple who can't find another couple who's willing to do the same activity on the same day that costs $400 per person. Tuff E Nuff will take you anyway, just as 2 people. You can book with them through Monkey Business at Banana Beach, or maybe thorugh other places, I'm not sure. We were sad to leave SP but had a great time. AC is a place I'd love to visit again.
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You have been bitten by the AC bug, there is no recovery. Sounds like you had a great time. Peter the Pervert? hahahahahaha, was he a brit by chance? wink

Thanks for sharing.
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Re: newbies trip report - 03/12/05 11:52 PM

My boyfriend enjoyed the golf carting while drunk.

To me, that sounds pretty stupid, but I've also been known to do stupid things. But glad you had a great time.
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Re: newbies trip report - 03/13/05 12:36 AM

Maybe she was doing the driving of the cart while boyfriend was drunk.
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Re: newbies trip report - 03/13/05 01:14 AM

tha's one BIG one for the OWO laugh
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Re: newbies trip report - 03/13/05 02:11 AM

Now that you've been bitten by the AC "bug" please visit You can win free airfare, free accomodations and by becoming a member not only buy raffle tickets cheaper but be eligible for fabulous door prizes. Start planning your next trip and help the kids! wink ps TV Tom is also a great dancer. He will wear you out! eek
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Re: newbies trip report - 03/13/05 02:12 AM

Maybe the boyfriend was sober while she was drunk :rolleyes:
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Re: newbies trip report - 03/14/05 02:33 PM

The bug bites hard. Yes, TV Tom is in fact a great dancer. Peter the Pervert is a Brit and told me an (untrue, according to TV Tom) story about how he was a big-wig at Capitol RAY-courds. To clarify the drunk boyfriend issue, we both were.
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Re: newbies trip report - 03/14/05 05:01 PM

Ah yes... TV Tom... what a character! I have seen him both times (this year) while in AC... he's a character for sure! Glad you had a good trip Amanda!
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Re: newbies trip report - 03/14/05 05:03 PM

What happen at C. Island cool place
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