Aug 06/Part 3

Posted By: TannedBanana

Aug 06/Part 3 - 10/10/06 08:10 PM

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My new home...
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And new friends (Dready, Skip and Kaye)
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MORE in love and headed home...
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Posted By: klcman

Re: Aug 06/Part 3 - 10/10/06 09:34 PM

Somebody had fun! smile
Posted By: NYgal

Re: Aug 06/Part 3 - 10/11/06 02:23 AM

Nice pics...thanks for sharing smile
You'll be you have friends there laugh
Posted By: Razorfish

Re: Aug 06/Part 3 - 10/11/06 02:48 AM

L.T.D. Nice pictures. Thanks
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Aug 06/Part 3 - 10/11/06 03:02 AM

great pix , TB, if you get time write a report! smile
Posted By: Now Danny

Re: Aug 06/Part 3 - 10/11/06 09:29 AM

Posted By: RMT

Re: Aug 06/Part 3 - 10/11/06 06:04 PM

Wow, look at Dready's hair! I don't remember it that long or maybe it was always just pulled back..? He was so nice to us on each visit! How is his new place?
Great pics, thanks for posting them.
Posted By: travelqueen

Re: Aug 06/Part 3 - 10/13/06 03:27 AM

These are all great pictures - thanks for sharing! It was great meeting you on Tropic. Perhaps our paths will cross again!

I'm votin' KINKY!!!
Posted By: deserthawk51

Re: Aug 06/Part 3 - 11/01/06 07:25 PM

The beaches look great... how are they in reality? Want a laid back area to retire.. could this be the place? Thanks for the great pics and any response.. Rick
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