Trip Report 2/16/2007 thru 2/23/2007

Posted By: Tiona Luster

Trip Report 2/16/2007 thru 2/23/2007 - 03/11/07 04:38 AM

This was our sixth trip to Ambergris Caye in two years and it is amazing how much the island has changed since the first time we came.

We arrived in Belize city at 3:10 p.m. got thru customs and located our luggage. We checked into Maya Air and should have been able to make the 3:40 flight but it was full so we waited for the 4:40 flight, which was the flight we where originally booked on. Well 4:40 came and went so did 5:40 and there where no maya flights coming into or leaving Belize city we sat there and watched many Tropic flights come and go. By this time I was a little upset because no one at Maya seemed to care or didn't know what was going on. Finally as they where shutting off most of the lights and Jets was the only place left open we where told that we would be getting the next flight at around 6:30 p.m.. True to their word we got on the next flight and took a very interesting flight over to the island. The island looks beautiful at nighttime as you are landing but I had been traveling with a 9 year old since 2:00 a.m.and we where getting very tired and hungry. My father met us at the airport, ( my parents spend the month of February on Ambergris Caye so we come and visit every February). Bless my fathers heart he had a Belikin and a Orange Fanta waiting for us in his golf cart. We went staight to Banyan Bay and changed into our holiday attire, shorts and t-shirts. After a long day of traveling we decieded to just eat at Rico's, Boy where we in for a suprise when it came to the bill. The prices had more than doubled since our last trip in October of 2006.

After dinner we where exchasted and called it a night. I was awoken around 2:00 a.m. with what I thought was fire cracker going off behind our unit. The next morning speaking with our neighbors who had been out late the night before I did not hear firecrakers I heard gun shots. What a way to be welcomed to the island !!! We spent the morning on the beach and the afternoon we went fishing for snapper. We caught a few but the wind was up and the pelicans where dive bombing us it was quite funny. That night my family ate a Wild Mango's, I didn't make it because I had a few to many of my dad's rum punches and needed to sleep them off. My son and husband both loved Wild Mango's especially the Pork chops, I know you go all the way to Belize and have the pork chops but my son loves pork chops and he said they where the best he every had. My husband also said they where brillant.

The next few days we spent on the beach and trying to fish but the wind would not die and we usually go bone fishing with fly rods. My husband got two trips in the whole week and caught between 5 to 10 bonefish which is no where near what he usually catches.

We ate at Ramons, Ali baba's, Wild Mango's and my son's new favorite restaurant Sonny's Chinese take out which is located just a few doors down from Marina's. My son fell in love with the slot machines he won two coins and you would have thought he won a million with all the jumping up and down he did yelling "I won, I won".

We drove all the way down the south side of the island which we had never done before it was beautiful until we got attacted by mosquitos, it is amazing how fast you can get a golf cart to go when you are trying to out run the famous Ambergris Caye Mosquitos!

My husband had to use his medcial training to help out a local friend who had been stabbed the night before at Crazy Canucks. My husband talked the guy into going to the doctors but by the time he got to the doctor the wound was to closed up to stitch and the doctor did not want to reopen the wound. So he was given some cream and was bandaged up.

I found my new favortie food, Fried Plantains with Marie Sharps on top. Talk about heaven. I took some on the plane back home and everyone who saw me eating them wanted to know where I go them.

We enjoyed our time in paradise and won't be back until next February which is along time to go without a Belize fix.
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Re: Trip Report 2/16/2007 thru 2/23/2007 - 03/11/07 05:17 AM

Nice trip report Tiona thanks for sharing.
Posted By: LIBeachBum

Re: Trip Report 2/16/2007 thru 2/23/2007 - 03/15/07 09:16 PM

I must say...this is the first post I've ever seen with gunshots and stabbings in it. This isn't a common occurrence there is it?
Posted By: Big Mike

Re: Trip Report 2/16/2007 thru 2/23/2007 - 03/16/07 11:25 AM

A continually growing occurence I'm afraid.
Posted By: Otteralum

Re: Trip Report 2/16/2007 thru 2/23/2007 - 03/21/07 03:24 PM

I was thinking the same thing BeachBum. I know that the odd occurrences are the ones that make for good trip reports, but it does leave one thinking this is the norm. Clearly it is not.
Posted By: travelqueen

Re: Trip Report 2/16/2007 thru 2/23/2007 - 03/21/07 09:24 PM

Posted By: DJH

Re: Trip Report 2/16/2007 thru 2/23/2007 - 03/24/07 12:36 AM

I see we were not the only ones to have some strange things happening this past Feb. (after 15 years coming to the island). We can laugh at most of what happened to us. And like you we will be back next Feb. I miss SP already and we have been only home for 3 weeks and it feels like 3 months already.
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