Trip Report April 18th-26th

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Trip Report April 18th-26th - 05/03/08 11:53 AM

What a wonderful time we had as always when we visit AC. Started Friday morning and had a one hour delay in Dallas but ended up on time to Tropic Air.

Mario picked for our stay at Reef Village. Scottish John had arranged for grocery's to be delivered to the room so it was very welcomed after traveling for so long. Went to middle street and bought Pampusa's (sp)one of our favorites.
Saturday just a great day for doing nothing but enjoying the pool. Went to the palapa bar for lunch the chicken was great. Discovered Belizian Coolaid - goes down way to easy..
Went around to book our diving and tours. As always we dive with Patojo. It was like coming home to see he and Sabrina. They had a wedding going on that week and still able to give us top notch service. Went to Tanisha to book our Zip lining and cave tubing. Have to say a little disappointed. On Saturday I was quoted one price and was told Daniel would be the guide. Went back Monday to pay and was quoted a higher price and I was told that was because someone had put it in the book wrong. I would have gone somewhere else but we had made all the other arrangements and Weds was the only day we could go. More about that on Weds.

Sunday - dove with Patojo and saw a lot of sea life. Catherine once again got to see her turtles and gets to keep her turtle girl title. Beautful spotted eagle rays, lobsters. Sabrina arranged for one of the other guides to snorkel with Daniel while we were at hol chan. Dove Tres Coco's more turtles and lots of eels. Barracuda in groups of 4 were abundant. Rob ran short on air and Catherine learned a great lesson to always check your gauges frequently. It was a great learning experience for her and one that someone who knows no fear needed.
Went to the pig roast and met Chris from Cassa Picasso. The food was unbelievable. We had never been to a pig roast it was fun.

Got up early on Monday and Catherine and I went to the bakery to get breakfast. Cinnamon buns and sweet breads. We got something for the ride home. This became a morning ritual it was great. They loved the hot dogs wrapped in croissants for lunch and the ham and cheese pizza.

Hurt my ear diving on Sunday so I snorkeled with Daniel. Went to Mexico Rocks and Tres Coco’s with Joey from Patojo’s, sweetest kid, he was so great telling us the name of all the fish and coral. Saw Hermit crabs moving their locations from one shell to the other. We watched them for about 15 minutes fascinated by the process. It was so beautiful I felt like I was in an aquarium. Catherine and Rob dove and came back with lots of great fish stories. Monday night we had dinner at El Patio and Catherine and I go the fried chicken which was very good Daniel and my husband ordered the shrimp cocktail and there was so much shrimp it could have been a meal. Great Service and big drinks. Walked around Central Park and the kids played with some of the other children. I was taking pictures as always and was asked by a parent why I was taking pictures of the children and assured her that I was only photographing my own. She smiled and said ok.

Tuesday hung around the pool and went into town, Rob and Catherine did a night dive and Daniel and I snorkeled. Lots of interesting things at night, lobsters and grouper.

Weds met the boat for our excursion zip lining and cave tubing. Got on the boat and within 5 minutes saw dolphins. That’s when we were told we would be with someone else for the day. Saw more dolphins off caye chapel, flying fish were great to (don’t know the technical name). We saw manatees and lots of birds. Daniel dropped us off with Tanillo who was great. He looked for howler monkeys for us and was very knowledgeable about everything. Taught the kids some Spanish. The zip lining was scary but very exhilarating. The guides told about the medicinal purposes of a lot of the plants that we saw. Beautiful orchids just starting to bloom. From there cave tubing. Walked for about 45 minutes getting a very interesting lesson on the rain forest. Catherine and Rob ate termites they claim they were minty – Daniel and I are a little too smart for that. Saw bats in the dry caves – freaked out but was told they don’t go in the wet caves. Cave Tubing not my favorite thing. Came home and went to Fido’s 2 for dinner and some bowling. Food was good, Daniel had the chicken in the pineapple bowl and loved it.

Thursday more diving and snorkeling, Catherine and Rob saw the Jesus statue I was not a happy girl with a sore ear. She was so excited it was great. Diving comes second nature to her and she just loves it. Met Taco Girl and went over to Holy Cross to drop off books and school supplies. It was great to talk to some of the teachers to find out what they need on a daily basis. Met lots of great little friends and one little girl lost her tooth while we were there. Even if you can only bring a pack of pencils I would encourage you to do that. You would think the school would be a depressing place from the outside but you go in and the positive energy and laughter fill the halls. The art work on the walls is unbelievable. Already collecting for November. Ate at Casa Picasso. Food was great and Chris and his wife were so sweet they gave us kid size portions. Desserts were well worth that bloated feeling. White wine sangria very good.

Friday one tank dive for the two diving nuts and Daniel and I went to the Hol Chan “aquarium” he loves anything that has to do with ocean life his goal is to be a marine biologist. Saw 2 baby turtles, he showed me all the fish we saw. Went to the maya buffett it was very good. Very sad to have to leave but we know we were coming back.

Saturday leaving day- our flight was changes to 4pm so we were very excited. Took the kids swimming at the cut and they loved that. The water is cold there.

All in all the trip was fantastic. Daniel lost 2 teeth and the tooth fairy is on AC.. No matter what your opinion is of Reed Village we had top service. Jeff took us out for a boat ride, John and Caesar made sure we were taken care of and I cannot say enough nice things about Ada, Jules’s new assistant.
Can’t wait to be back! Diving with Patojo at the Tides was like diving with old friends, they are the best.
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Nice post thanks for sharing ..looks like a living the dream time was had by all.....
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Re: Trip Report April 18th-26th - 05/06/08 10:29 PM

I could tell you were going to have a good time, before you got there, and you did, again!
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Re: Trip Report April 18th-26th - 05/07/08 12:11 AM

Can't get enough only 187 days to go..
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