from a friend who just arrived

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from a friend who just arrived - 11/18/08 05:11 PM

from a friend who just arrived....

Been in Belize a few days. Flight from Miami only had 50 people on it, including crew. Flying in one can see huge mud flats all over the place and some remaining areas of water where you don't usually see it.
I stayed with a firend in Belize City for two days because I had some business to take care of and she had some time to hang out. Went to the Riverside Restaurant. It's run by one of the Bowen boys. Nice food.
The last night I was there some street guy jumped me and tried to take my camera about 9:30. This was on North Front Street right near the new San Pedro Water Taxi terminal near Mirab. Lots of security around but not in sight at the spot I was at. The guy had both hands on my camera so I pulled him toward me and body slammed him to the ground. He still kept trying to pry the camera with both hands so I began punching him in the head with my free left hand. After a short while he relaxed his grip and I got up off the ground. He started to get up so I planted my rright foot kicked him with maximum force in the groin like an NFL punt. I just kept kicking as hard as I could and he soon turned and ran off. I drove around with the police for ten minutes but we didn't see him. I didn't bother to file a report. They already had the information they needed and I joked we didn't want to scare any tourists off with a public press release. They drove me home and that was it.
Drove up to Orange Walk to drop a phone off. The road from Belize City was totally clear and really looks normal. The only area I saw still flooded was a small village called Gardenia. Looks like the water that got in had no way to get back out so they are still under water.
Tried to go to the Cuello Mayan ruins at the distillery of the same name. They told me it was closed due to an infestation of killer bees. Who knows if that's true. Anyway didn't get in and that was a bummer because it's one of the few remaining excavated sites I haven't been to in Belize
Western Highway is mostly clear. Lots and lots of patchwork. Still doing some work in certain areas.
Picked up a BDF soldier at a check point and drove him to his house in Tea Kettle. Nice little village. We talked a lot about the border and the Guatemalans coming over.
I spent a couple of hours at Ray's place in Hillview. Talked to his wife Slvia first as Ray was out. I came by again later and talked with Ray for a while. They are doing a lot of construction and puttting in what will be a very nice apartment with a great view of the valley.
Hoping to take a day trip over to Guatemala on Monday. I'm interested in going back to Yaxha and some other Mayan sites.
That's about it for now. Weather is really nice, the beer is very cold and, as always, the Belizean girls look great. Wish I was 24 instead of 44. Oh well.....
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There were three of us in the 4 wheel. We had no problems and no security encounters. Didn't see a lot of people. We even stopped at a roadside bar in Guatemala on the way back, too.
About a year and a half ago, there were Guatemalan troops doing a checkpoint on the highway. They are supposed to have police with them but these guys didn't. They did a half-hearted search and we went on our way. On the way back they were there again but had a police guy doing the formalities. Nothing like that this time.
My one advice, though, for anyone going over is that if you don't speak Spanish fluently you should bring along someone who does. It's not like Belize where you can count on easy communication unless in very remote areas.
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Re: from a friend who just arrived - 11/29/08 09:14 PM

So I take it your friend doesn't write for The Board of Tourism.
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