Second Half of trip!

Posted By: ybon

Second Half of trip! - 11/28/01 08:24 PM

We started the day by taking the water taxi to Belize City, Great trip! It was a beautiful day! We pulled into Belize City and we were over ran with people wanting to take us somewhere, I finally got pissed and yelled for everyone to leave us alone! I think I had about 20 people ask us if we needed a ride or whatever. We decited to walk to the bus station, not a very smart idea we soon figuared out. That area of town was kind scary, we had about 6 people so there was safety in numbers. Luckily we found a man who guided us to the Staion with no propblems. We all took turns going and eating, but I passed on food, the only place close by was the Burger King of Belize. I think Not! We got on the Express bus and what a great time we had, the trip was beautiful and so green we made it to San Ignacio in about 2 hours. Great little town! We got a taxi right away and off the Hotel we went. We Stayed at Log Cab Inns. Great place, nothing fancy, good food. Carla was fabulous! She treated us like family. We after dinner we were all pretty tired so it was early to bed. Next morning we all got up and went horseback riding with Windy Hill, We had a great time. They took us through some jungle area then by some ruins that have not been unearthed yet then through a wide open field and swimming in the river. I can't remember the last time I had so much fun. Our guide didn't care if you ran your horse, he just wanted you to have a great time. This was a 5hour adventure, My knees where alittle sore! Some of us went into town that night and walked around had a couple of beers. Next day was a full trip to Tikal, WOW. Crossing the boarder was alittle bit of a hassel but well worth it, this place is great. Did alot of walking and climbing (which was hard do to the horseback riding) We saw Howler monkey, spider monkey, wild turkey, parrots, and these thing that kinda look like a raccoon, I can't remember what they were called but they almost could eat out of your hand. Got some great pictures. On our way back to Belize we got stopped by a herd of cows, It was so neat. Roads in Guatamala suck but i'd do it again, I never Imagined Guatamala being so beautiful! That night a couple of the guys went into San Ignacio where they got into a middle of a bar brawl! One wanted to throw down, but my dear husband pulled him out! Thank god, I didn't feel like bailing them out of jail. Jason met a nice guy at eva's bar, His name was Bob english I think. If your eading this bob, thanks for everything! He was the guy who set up all our tours and I believe he said he was the Rep for the American Consolet, good guy to know! Next day we took a canoe trip up th McCall river to the Rainforest medicine trail, what beauty. Our guide was Tony from Tony's Canoe trips. This man Loves his land! We saw large Iguana's and Jason even caught a fish (he took his fishing pole all the way from wisconsin). Tony even gave me the natural cure for bug bites (I got eaten alive and was miserable) It's called Jackass bitters. crunch up the leaves and rub on all your bites, it stings but it stopped the itch! We took the tour of the medicine trail, cool. on the way back down the river we stopped a a great waterfall and swan for about 1 hour, the water was so cystal clear and warm. Cristo Reyo falls is where I think we were. Go there if you can it was so much fun. Over all the San Ignacio part of my trip was the best!
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Re: Second Half of trip! - 11/28/01 09:52 PM

We will be in Belize on Friday, and are heading to Cayo on Monday. Did you find that you needed a jacket and long pants?
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Re: Second Half of trip! - 11/28/01 10:49 PM

I stayed in Cayo last year this time (Dec. 1-9) and it does get cool at night. I did wear pants and light cotton sweaters at night. It got to the mid 70s during the day...beautiful. I brought a lite jacket but didn't use it at all.
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Re: Second Half of trip! - 11/28/01 11:46 PM

I only used pants when we went horseback riding. Other than that I was in shorts all the time!
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Re: Second Half of trip! - 11/28/01 11:50 PM

Our San Ignacio experiences are very similar - on-the-go a lot. I loved it! The people were very friendly and the whole area was gorgeous. Tikal was very amazing - just fascinating. It was a last minute decision to go to Tikal due to rumors of danger (we ran into none at all), and I'm so glad we went. The monkeys were the highlight of my trip!
Did you eat the bitters? It is NASTY! I couldn't get the taste out of my mouth for hours. Our mean tour guide told me to try it....
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