My pics from the "rest" of Belize!!!!!!!

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My pics from the "rest" of Belize!!!!!!! - 02/02/03 04:00 AM

Ok here's the pix:

Ahhh well I guess I have to admit I was staying away from the board 1)because I got busy at school and 2)after writing about what a nice guy Mr. Shal was, he went and used me as an example in one of his outspoken articles so I was a bit embarased after that! No worries you all probably have no clue which article I am refering to anyways!!!!
So yeah I went back for a whole month! This was not through my school it was through a volunteer organization called the Cornerstone Foundation, a non profit org. I went there in San Ignacio to study Natural Healing! I had the opportunity to meet healers, bush masters, snake doctors and a traditional midwife in practice for 50 years! I actually recieved an international scholarship to attend. It was fantastic and btw I may be headed back to hike Victorias Peak in April!

And GEEE ya gotta love that Spanish Lookout ice cream!!!!!! Mm'mmm Good!
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Re: My pics from the "rest" of Belize!!!!!!! - 02/02/03 04:13 AM

Your trip looked like a wonderful time. You're one lucky girl to have the opportunities.
Thanks for sharing with us.
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Re: My pics from the "rest" of Belize!!!!!!! - 02/02/03 04:40 AM

Great pixs Sara!
Now ya know you were supposed to take Anne next time you went...
What happened to that? wink
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Re: My pics from the "rest" of Belize!!!!!!! - 02/02/03 04:46 AM

Not to advertise or anything but I highly recommend Teddy the tour guide who us gals picked up...he's the cutie in the pink plaid shirt in all my pics! He's a certified tour guide for the San Ignacio area and he is the sweetest guy I've ever met! He took us canoeing in a cave at Barton's Creek at Mike's Place??? then horseback riding, not to mention other unexpected adventures!
Teddy Waight
He's trying to get his own buisness going to educate people about the importance of ecotourism and his Mayan (history) culture.
Just thought I'd put that out there...FYI if anyone's interested.
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Re: My pics from the "rest" of Belize!!!!!!! - 02/02/03 04:53 AM

Sring break Hopie, Spring break! She better be ready!!!!! No, seriously, my friend that teaches at UB is organizing the troops to be camp counselors for the new summer camp at the Central Farm Campus in Cayo. The mission...hike Victoria's Peak!
Its like April 12-????? spring break time. I'll take her as long as I get the money to go...that's right around the corner ya know! Maybe she could participate with Pio in his camp this summer?????? If she wants to start putting ideas together for activities, I'd be more than happy to hear any suggestions...I am working on a curriculum...(ok I will of these days!)
laugh eek :rolleyes: cool
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Re: My pics from the "rest" of Belize!!!!!!! - 02/02/03 04:10 PM

Great Pictures Sarah!
What kind of camera did you use? Looking for a digital,those came out great.
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Re: My pics from the "rest" of Belize!!!!!!! - 02/02/03 08:07 PM

My mum got it for me as a gift...Olympus D-550 zoom 3.0 megapixel. She says they run about $299.00 but she got some deal plus the memory cards are like $80.00 for 64mb (smartmedia). It is a good investment because I like being able to see the pictures as I am taking them so I know if they turned out or not! My issue is that I took so many pics I cant figure out the best way to turn them into pictures. My mum's got this system to do it myself but I just dont have the time!
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Re: My pics from the "rest" of Belize!!!!!!! - 02/02/03 08:08 PM

the camera still worked even though I dropped it 4 times!
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Re: My pics from the "rest" of Belize!!!!!!! - 02/02/03 08:26 PM

GREAT pics sarah, really enjoyed them, smiled a lot looking thru them... thanks for sharing. sure looks like you had some wonderful fun people with you!!!

and you do have a beautiful smile!!!!!!
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Re: My pics from the "rest" of Belize!!!!!!! - 02/02/03 09:55 PM

WOW!! Sarah you did a wonderful job of bringing back my memories of jungle trips and the fantastic faces of the Belize people.

MUCHAS GRACIAS!! So how long are you going for in April? laugh
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Re: My pics from the "rest" of Belize!!!!!!! - 02/02/03 10:12 PM

Thanks for sharing. You've clearly got a good eye and a warm heart.
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: My pics from the "rest" of Belize!!!!!!! - 02/02/03 10:38 PM

Excellent pics of the real Belize. Never ceases to amaze me the many people who come to Belize and only see AC. I even met people on this last trip who moved to AC never having been to the mainland (except the airport!). Unbelievable! When you go back in April, let me know. I have some very cool people for you to meet in Cayo who do herbal healing, etc. Email me:
Posted By: Scorpion

Re: My pics from the "rest" of Belize!!!!!!! - 02/03/03 03:15 AM

Hey Sarah,
This is Anne (denverdan's kid)
Awesome pics! I loved looking at all of them. It looks like you had a blast and saw some pretty amazing things.
As of spring break, my school is out in March. Not quite sure yet about what's going on in April, but I know I am in school. Although, I am available from March 23rd through April 5th. wink I am involved in the Tuskegee Airmen Mile High Flight Program and have a meeting on the 22 that I can't miss. (otherwise I would have had more time.
Thanks for the offer maybe things will change, date wise. Hiking up Victoria's Peak sounds like an amazing adventure. Take LOTS of pictures for me if I can"t make it.
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Re: My pics from the "rest" of Belize!!!!!!! - 02/03/03 03:15 AM

What great pics!! Ah! You went to study natural healing ...coool! There is an American ex-pat lady who lives in San Ignacio area, who wrote a book about being an apprentice to an old Mayan, healer man. I lent the book to my naturopathic doctor, so I can't check out the author's name. This American woman has been living there for at least 15 years. Do you know who I'm talking about? It was an incredible book. To read about all the medicinal plants that the Mayans know about and use. Many of our "traditional" medicines are plant based, apparently. Do tell us us more about your expereiences!!! laugh smile
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Re: My pics from the "rest" of Belize!!!!!!! - 02/03/03 05:33 AM

Ok Anne yeah plan for the summer maybe!

Thanks all for great comments!

Trina,yes you are refering to Rosita Arvigo...never read that particular book...but I know which it is...I have others of hers we used them as references in the course. I asked each person I met how they felt about her and what she did...there are goods and bads of course. There is some bitterness about how she handled Don Eljio Panti's funeral...he was the one she apprenticed under. I actually met her in November here in DC at a Traditional Healer seminar. Her Ix Chel Foundation is now closed so I did not get to visit. frown Did use some of the bottled Rainforest remedies though and they work great!
Mexicana, I will only be able to stay for a week if I make it in April since thats my spring break around the 14th-21st...then back to nursing school and modern obstetrics just in time for my Earth day birthday!!!!!! wink
Ok Barbara K will do, thanks!

Glad ya'll are enjoying the pics!

I even got a marrige proposal and Garifuna lesson out of this trip eek ...Chi Chi the soon to be famous drummer/sax player/singer asked me to be his wife and I am almost positive he was dead serious!
:rolleyes: Too bad I was waiting on someone else to do that job! That one is a secret for now though! :p
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Re: My pics from the "rest" of Belize!!!!!!! - 02/03/03 05:48 AM

Anyone know about in vitro orchids?...see my question under gen chat.
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