Trip report - Villa La Jolla

Posted By: fishguru00

Trip report - Villa La Jolla - 11/06/10 03:13 AM

Had our first trip to AC and it was great, even considering “Richard”.

We stayed north of San Pedro at a place called Villa La Jolla in Los Encantos. The place was beautiful and well maintained. The caretakers Sergio and Rachel were very helpful. Our only disappointment was that we relocated to San Pedro right before the hurricane and we didn’t get a chance to have Raquel prepare her Belizean meal.

We did the fishing – snorkel – BBQ thing with the guy named Genie. We had a blast and he is quite the character. Caught some fish, did Mexico Rocks and had a great meal (rum too). I have a hard time remembering much after that.

The next day we fished with Hillyboo. This guy is a fishing machine, maybe too serious. Another great day - caught some tuna for dinner (we thought). After fishing, we went to San Pedro for lunch. Went to the Waruguma place and got the lobster burritos, unbelievable. Anyway, that’s why we didn’t have the tuna for dinner.

The next day, the storm was coming in and we decided to relocate to the city. We got a couple of rooms at Banana Beach and did a little shopping and drinking.

A few observations –

1. The people are great and friendly

2. Not sure about the duties on bringing booze into the country. There were 4 of us (two families) and I thought you could bring 3 bottles per person. Anyway, you might want to do some research on this if you want to bring some stuff in.

3. They do a great job preparing for hurricanes and seem to take it in stride. We live on the water in Texas and people freak out a little. These guys are super cool.

A great trip, too short and we will return.
Posted By: Rykat

Re: Trip report - Villa La Jolla - 12/01/10 04:21 PM

Fished with Hillyboo? Wow you are lucky you werent robbed at rod point! sick
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: Trip report - Villa La Jolla - 12/01/10 04:33 PM

Rycat - Just what do you mean by that? Were you robbed at gunpoint>
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: Trip report - Villa La Jolla - 12/01/10 04:49 PM

it's a tongue in cheek remark - fishing humour.
Posted By: Rykat

Re: Trip report - Villa La Jolla - 12/03/10 04:51 PM

No Harriette, just robbed.

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