Feb 8-13 in town

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Feb 8-13 in town - 03/02/06 10:40 PM

Continued from earlier...

The next day we decided to walk around and see what we could find around town. We did a bit of souvenir shopping. Mostly just t-shirts and knicknacks and such, but two things I was especially impressed with were the jewelry stands over by the fast-food stands by the park (came back three times for myself and friends smile and the "craft store" - which unfortunately I can't remember where exactly it is, but it has beautiful workwork such as sailboats, manta rays, etc. I think it was on middle street towards the north side??? Hopefully a local can help out if you're interested...

After that we wandered down to the SailSport place since I had emailed them before I left to ask about private sailing lessons for my husband (he's always wanted to). My poor husband was getting a bit pink though, so since the sailsport place said anytime, we decided to come back a little later in the day so that we wouldn't be out during peak red-lobster-burn-me-to-a-crisp time.

We ate at Elvi's for lunch, I had their quesadillas (YUM!!!) and my husband had a hamburger. Yeah, hamburger is boring but he was kind of worried about the seafood on the menu since he's allergic to shellfish. After we were mostly done a manager (?) stopped by to ask AJ why he wasn't eating his fries, which my husband explained he had once gotten sick because they were fried in the same oil as shrimp. Well, he told my husband that they had two boilers along with two separate workstations in the kitchen, boy was my husband happy! After that he always wanted to go there smile {{yes, by now you're probably thinking he's paranoid, but he's passed out from everything from pizza in NYC to burgers just around the corner, unfortunately we didn't make it out of Belize without one shellfish attack, so what can you do}}

We shopped a bit more and then headed back to Sailsport...and they told us that the wind had died and there wasn't enough to sail frown BUMMER!!! So they offered to pick us up at our dock in the morning the following day but we said that we wanted to go snorkeling in the morning - they recommended going with the place right by them and then just having them drop us off there and we could sail afterwards. OK, sounds like a plan so we booked for Hol Chan preserve snorkel the next day.

So, we headed back to the hotel to clean up and relax before dinner. We were taking turns in the shower and I was trying to get a hold of Cappricorns for dinner. That's when it happened...dum dum dum, my husband turned on the dreaded TV! He of course immediately got hooked on a show and we never ended up going back out - we were sick of El Divino's so we just ate granola bars and fun fruits that we had in the room. Sad I know. I enjoyed watching the sunset off of our deck and dancing around the gecco in our room (yes, they're cute, but I'd prefer they be cute at least 10 feet away - we had one at Casa Picasso that was hanging out too smile )

They are cute though...

Yes, I'm obsessed with flower pictures. I had this plan of printing/matting/framing them for our bedroom which is done in reds/oranges/pinks...anyways, here's a few of my favorites...



My husband, on the other hand, had other things on his mind...

Snorkeling (complete with pictures) is next on the list...
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Keep it coming!
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Thanks, BIP. Enjoyed your narrative and photos.
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