Trip report 2/19 thru 2/28

Posted By: Tiona Luster

Trip report 2/19 thru 2/28 - 03/05/06 10:09 PM

This was our third trip to the island. We where suppose to leave Hartford Connecticut on Saturday 2/18 and connect thru Dallas but on Friday night around 9:00 p.m. I recieved a call from American Airlines saying all flights to Dallas on 2/18 where canceled from Hartford due to a ice storm in Dallas and the earliest they could get us there was Tuesday. Well this was not exceptable to my family and I figured out a way to get us there on Monday. We left hartford on Sunday night with a three hour delay and arrived in Dallas around 1:30 a.m. we then checked into the Hyatt in Terminal D at DFW airport and caught a few hours sleep before we had to check in for our connection to Belize. We got all checked in around 7:30 a.m. for our 12:45 p.m. flight. We ate breakfast and made our way thru security and would you believe I got flagged for a top to bottom check. I felt like Austin Powers when they put me in this pod like thing and blew three shots of air on me. They then went thru my bags with a devise that checks for chemicals and my medicines set the dam thing off, by this time my husband and son where having a great time watching me being treated like a criminal!!!! I have allergys to shellfish and carry eppi pens with me and I don't like to fly that much so I have a perscription for Zanax. The Zanax kept on setting off the damm machine. Here I am thinking don't take my pills I have another flight to catch after I get thru this. Well after about 45 minutes they finally decide that the pills are OK for me to keep. We make it onto the flight and I order a Captain and Coke because by this time I feel like a deserve it. We arrive in belize City to Beautiful weather and smiling faces. We make it thru customs and immigrations in about 10 minutes and we are ushered right thru Maya Air. When we get to a departure gate it is right next to Jets and by my watch I have five minutes before our flight to Ambergris Caye. I ask the agent from Maya if I have time for my first Beliken of the trip and the gentleman says no problem we will wait, boy did I feel important. I tell you that first Beliken was fabulous. We got on our flight and arrived on Ambergris Caye with my whole family waving and cheering at our plane as we land. The other people on the plane thought it was hysterical. There was my Dad with a Cooler of Belikens for my husband and myself and a frozen coke for my eight year old son, LJ. We hopped into the golf carts and headed to our home for the next two weeks, Banyan Bay. When we arrived we unpacked ASAP and started hitting the Belikens hard. Had dinner at Rico's, the last two time we where here the food and service at Rico's was top notch I don't know what has happened but we only ate there when my son was to hungry to go anywhere else. We do have our favorite waitress, Martha at Rico's and she is still the best but the rest not good at all!!! After dinner we put our son to bed and left him with Grandma and Grandpa and headed to Crazy Canucks for the Punta Boys with my Aunt and Uncle. My aunt and I decieded our mission on this holiday was to find the best Pina Colada on the island. So we started at Crazy Canucks not bad but a little bit to thick for our liking it was like a very thick milk shake we had to let them sit for a while to melt, I don't like to wait for my drinks to melt so they got points off for the thickness of their Pina Colada's. We stayed until 1:00 in the morning and by this time I was excausted so we headed back to Banyan Bay for a good nights sleep. More To Come..........
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Re: Trip report 2/19 thru 2/28 - 03/06/06 10:00 AM

Good report, keep it coming.
Posted By: catdog

Re: Trip report 2/19 thru 2/28 - 03/06/06 03:11 PM

Try the Pina Coladas at the Squirrels Nest Bar on the beach at Mata Rocks, just a few resorts south of Banyan Bay!
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Trip report 2/19 thru 2/28 - 03/06/06 06:57 PM

Nice post yes Rico's at bayan bay has taken a turn for the worse ,food just ok on some nights other nights bad..Manager is a rude ,nasty non caring person should be replaced .the location and view are great.So with a better chef,and caring manager the place could be guess is the owner does not care..
Posted By: RonR

Re: Trip report 2/19 thru 2/28 - 03/06/06 07:43 PM

are they the same people that have been there at Rico for years . or have things changed.
Posted By: Tiona Luster

Re: Trip report 2/19 thru 2/28 - 03/07/06 01:44 AM

RonR..some of the people are the same but there where quite a few new employees this time.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Trip report 2/19 thru 2/28 - 03/07/06 06:54 AM

Hey Tiona - get back to writing - enjoyed your report - where's the rest! smile
Posted By: Hon

Re: Trip report 2/19 thru 2/28 - 03/07/06 06:27 PM

my kingdom for a paragraph!

I'm much too scattered to read that big block of text frown
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Trip report 2/19 thru 2/28 - 03/07/06 06:39 PM

Hey Hon
cut and paste - break it into paragraphs and read it a little at a time - leave the big stuff to those of us who can't get enough! laugh
Posted By: Hon

Re: Trip report 2/19 thru 2/28 - 03/07/06 06:55 PM

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