Thanksgiving Dinner in San Pedro?

Posted By: Vacation Happy

Thanksgiving Dinner in San Pedro? - 09/14/12 04:57 AM

Has anyone from the USA spent Thanksgiving in San Pedro? Can you get a somewhat traditional Thanksgiving dinner anywhere?
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: Thanksgiving Dinner in San Pedro? - 09/14/12 01:34 PM

You can get turkey and fixings at many San Pedro restaurants on U.S. Thanksgiving Day (November). (Canadian Thanksgiving is in October - no turkey here).

I recall that Portofino went so far as to offer tur-duck-en! Look at the newspaper to see who is offering what and you will indeed find something great. Belizean turkey is all free-range and is very very good.

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Re: Thanksgiving Dinner in San Pedro? - 09/14/12 03:31 PM

We had an excellent Thanksgiving dinner at Elvi's Kitchen last year. Choice of turkey or lobster. The turkey was great, as were the fixins! We blogged it here:

Our Belizean Thanksgiving
Posted By: Judyann H.

Re: Thanksgiving Dinner in San Pedro? - 09/14/12 03:45 PM

We have had several Thanksgiving meals here....If you are staying in a Condo Resort or house you've got it made......When the kids were young we would spend the whole day playing in the Sea or Poolside while a chef worked in our kitchen preparing an incredible dinner. The chef brought out snacks, made all the traditional fixings and even wowed us with Banana Foster for dessert........Mmmmmmmm, Now I'm hungry......I have also prepared quite a few Thanksgiving meals here and the ingredients for a traditional meal are readily available; fresh cranberries, Free Range Turkeys, and Carrots to die for.......Oh, and the spices & seasonings at Greenhouse will tempt you to try something new......Okay now I'm really hungry....I'd better get in the kitchen; Let's see a nice Lobster Omelet sounds scrumptious.
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