Photo posting EZ as 1,2,3

Posted By: Amanda Syme

Photo posting EZ as 1,2,3 - 03/08/06 05:20 PM

Okay, finally took the time out to learn how to do this - and plagarised this from another message board!

To display a picture within your post:

Try Photobucket at ''
I use it all the time.
3. Have your image stored on your hard drive.
4. Tap the 'BROWSE' button once
5. Go to the directory on your hard drive where the image is stored.
6. Double click the image file name.
7. The name should show up on Photobucket in the 'PICTURE' window.
8. Press the 'SUBMIT' button once.
9. The image should then be below the 'ADD PICTURES' dialogue box.
10. For posting to a forum go to the first character in the box next to the blue 'Img' lettering.
11. Place your cursor in front of the '[IMG', then press and drag the mouse button to the end of the box so that you capture the full contents of the box and turn the background blue.
12. While it is now white lettering with a blue background press the right mouse button and select 'COPY'
13. Open up a new post on the Forum or respond to an existing one.
14. Place your cursor in the dialogue box
15. Press the right mouse button and select "paste"
16. The whole image title should be in the dialogue box with the brackets and [img]at the first of the string and brackets [/img] at the end of the string.
17. If you submit now you will have just your image. Now is the time to add your text without disrupting the format of the pasted image.
18. If your image is way to large you can go back to Photobucket and use their "EDIT" button to resize your image or you can go back to your own photo editor for a resize and resubmit the image

When I followed these instructions it worked out well. Please note that you may have to scroll down the page a little in order to see your posted album and all of the "helpful" buttons.

You can also post the link to the album if you actually want boarders to see more than one photo.
Posted By: Marty

Re: Photo posting EZ as 1,2,3 - 03/08/06 08:08 PM

rad. thanks amanda
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