Video: Belize Zipline

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Video: Belize Zipline - 03/09/14 11:23 AM

A group of vacationeers in Belize went to the Bocawina Zipline course. I seamed together the GoPro videos I shot on the course. I forgot to turn the camera on for the third line, but got everything else in.

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Re: Video: Belize Zipline - 08/17/14 10:58 AM

Zipline in Belize

Ziplining Adventure Jaguar Paw, Belize

Ziplining in Belize

Belize Zip Line

Belize Zip Lining - First Run

This was the first line. The place that they give you a chance to get a feel for it before you really get into it.

Belize - Bocawina Zip Lining - Second Run

This is the second run of 8.

Belize - Bocawina Zip Lining - Longest and Fastest Run

This is the one you have waited for. This is a long and fast run through the jungle and down into the clearing at the end.

Horizontal Drop - Bocawina Zip Lining

This stage you need to drop from the tree to the floor, so why bother with stairs.

Ziplining in Belize

Ziplining through the rain forests of Belize

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Re: Video: Belize Zipline - 02/07/17 01:54 PM

The newest adventure: Zip lining across the Belize River!

I recently had the opportunity to try out one of the newest zip lines in Belize, and dang was it fun! Seven lines of pure adrenaline, awesome views and one hell of an adventure! This zip line is located at the new ecotourism attraction in northern Belize – the Rainforest Adventure Zone, or RAZ for short. While there are several zip lines across the country, most are found in the Cayo or Stann Creek Districts. RAZ’s zip line is found in the Belize District and the scenery you get to see from up above is a bit different. The most unique aspect of the zip line is that you go over the Belize River. The green hues the river reflects are different than the clear fresh mountain water which you typical go over on zip lines in Cayo.

Let’s not forget, the foliage is different – semi-deciduous forests cover most of northern Belize with plenty of swamps and savannahs. If you’re lucky, you might get to see a turtle or a crocodile making its way down the river! There is even a suspension bridge to cross over – just don’t look down if you’re afraid of heights!

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