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Posted By: garbonzo

trip report - 04/17/01 03:14 AM

Oh what fun it was! Anyone who doesn't have a hotel yet rent the Brianna beach house. Cute Cute Cute! We stayed at the Seven Seas which was also wonderful. Eat at Papis diner as much as possible. Los Cocos too. Both are cheap and very good. Learn to punta at the shark bar, Fido's is too much like being in the states. Our favorite snorkel/tour guides were Ricki at Searious for Altan Ha, Juan at 3 Amigos (he took us wave jumping after the snorkel) and Alfonzo at 3 amigos. If you go diving with Andy from Gaz Cooper tell him we love the way he puntas. Don't rent any transportation- just walk or hitch a ride on a golf cart. Watch out for Panzano the old man who will yell at you one day and bring you popcorn the next. We never did see Sexy Eddy but he sounded like an interesting character too. If you want to make some money or just bring gifts the people in Belize love CD's especially Shaggy. (The cd's there cost $25 for fake ones.) They also love polo and Tommy clothes. We saw one woman brought suitcases full of clothes and was selling them on the side of the street. We never got Belize money. Just took US bills in $20 bills. Have a great time. Hope you like fried food!
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Re: trip report - 04/17/01 06:36 AM

Hey there Garbonzo... or anyone who would know...
i'd gladly burn some cd's to take down there for them. do you have any idea what/who else they like? was this really common practice what this lady was doing? is it an insult to the locals? sorry for all the questions, but i've never read anything about this before. thanks for the post tho!!!! love to hear anything about AC..... BTW.... do you have any pix you plan on posting??

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Re: trip report - 04/17/01 01:26 PM

I think people sell stuff there a-lot and the Belizean people are very happy because they really want the stuff. I would try to get stuff at end of the season sales (Dillards recently had Tommy shirts for $10) that way you can make some money and the Belizean people will still get a good deal on the stuff they buy from you. If you are burning cd's for them you they also like punta rebels and you can find that on napster. Children's clothes also seemed to be very popular. That woman had a few suitcases full of them.
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Re: trip report - 04/17/01 04:17 PM

I'd like to add a type of clothing that is sorely needed on AC. There is not one place that sells plus size clothing for women, and there are very few places in Belize City. I brought an extra suitcase last year, as the girl who did our hotel reservations made a comment about this and said she would appreciate ANYTHING I could bring her. I brought shorts and tops mostly, but wished I had brought a swimsuit, undergarments and sleepwear........ Poor thing needed EVERYTHING. If anyone is planning on retiring or moving to Belize and wanting to know what is needed there, or an idea for a business, I think a good clothing store would be the ticket. [Linked Image]
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Re: trip report - 04/19/01 11:16 PM

maybe i need to visit first so i can comprehend better the needs/wants. i just can't imagine the locals/government being ok w/americans bringing suitcases down and selling stuff!!! but, it's not like i know. any more info would be helpful; i'd be happy to bring what i could!!
Posted By: Mary and Scott

Re: trip report - 04/20/01 02:52 AM

Diann..agree with you girl! We always take things with us that we think the local folks would enjoy, as well as the kids,but the natives of AC are sooo wonderful, I could not imagine opening a suitcase of goods and SELLING items to them. Most of us who visit are so fortunate, it almost seems wrong to sell anything to them. Donate, yes,money to the schools, clothing for the kids, moms, dads, etc.We always take tee-shirts and shorts with logos from our local teams, etc., and give them away, as well as candy and other items for the kids,who are so cute! I am going to load up on beads, clasps,and any other items that the children might need to make their bracelets and necklaces that they sell. They give so much to us by sharing their beautiful island with us that I think it is only fair. Only my opinion, guys...don't take offense if you want to take items for resale, it's your choice!
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Re: trip report - 04/20/01 04:49 AM

Mary and Scott( well call you S & M), we agree with you 100%...if anyone knows of anything the locals need let me know. ill be there 5-19 through 5-26
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Re: trip report - 04/20/01 07:10 AM

cajun... i have an email from a lady named Gail who is involved with the school in Caye Caulker, and she gave me quite a list of things they still need. Some are so simple it is heart wrenching!! So, if you'd like, leave your addy and I'll forward this on to you... or anyone else who is interested. (love the S&M!!!!) Or email me at:
[email protected]

Mary.. you're too good!! Sure you wanna go blonde?!?! I never would have thought about the beads; well done. I just assumed they were special ones from AC, but nothing farther than that crossed my mind.
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