more punta girl photos (with sharks)

Posted By: garbonzo

more punta girl photos (with sharks) - 04/28/01 06:13 PM

Click on to see more punta girl photos.
Posted By: seashell

Re: more punta girl photos (with sharks) - 04/28/01 08:38 PM

Fabulous pictures. It was good to see Andy's face again too. Isn't he the sweetest guy?
Posted By: Punta Rebel Girl

Re: more punta girl photos (with sharks) - 04/30/01 04:49 PM

Seashell, Andy is a sweetie. Have you ever met anyone from that island or the Mainland that was not sweet. I hope that somehow these people are able to realize how much their kindness and warm heartedness touches those that meet them. Either thru being able to read these message boards, or just getting the feeling thru our actions, I hope they know how much they mean to all of us who are lucky enough to meet them and share a brief time in our life with them.
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Re: more punta girl photos (with sharks) - 04/30/01 05:04 PM

Believe it or not.....there are a few who are not so nice. did not run into any of them. Most people here are very friendly and are happy to see tourists.

There is no perfect world though and you should keep your ears and eyes open when you travel to any part of the world other than your own place.

It's nice to live in a place where people can come and enjoy almost stress free existence! [Linked Image]
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Re: more punta girl photos (with sharks) - 04/30/01 07:50 PM

Thanks Sandshaker, I was trying to figure out how to answer PuntaRebel Girl. Yes, I'm afraid I have met a few that aren't so sweet. SP is not so different from the rest of the world as you would think, in that regard. SP has some very, very nice people, some very nice people, some nice people, people that warm up after a while, people that you find out are nice by accident, etc, etc and also some people that aren't very nice or very good. Anyway, since I know that, that is why I think Andy is a pretty good guy. Sandshaker is right, just take your usual precautions and listen to your instincts, you should be just fine.
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Re: more punta girl photos (with sharks) - 04/30/01 08:21 PM

Thanks Sandshaker and Seashell. I know that you are right and that every place in the world has it's great points and not so great points, it's wonderful people and some not so wonderful people. It just seemed in SP, you are always greeted with a smiling face, a friendly hello, a warm feeling. Like Axeman had said on another topic, here in Va. or anywhere in the States at times, if you smile or say hello for no reason to someone, they expect the worst and think something fishy is going on. That is so sad. And I don't think the people in SP are just that way because we are tourists and they want us to spend our money on something they have, they were just genuinely nice, good hearted people. Living near DC, I see alot of tourists and I see alot of Washingtonians not being nice to them and that is a bad representation for the Capital of our Country. Perhaps because the people of SP don't have as many material things as those in richer countries, they have held onto the simple pleasures of life a little more and haven't been so tainted by excess.
Whatever the reason, I found them to be some of the most loving and giving people I have ever come in contact with, and I hope they know how much they are appreciated for sharing their beautiful land with us. [Linked Image]
Punta Rebel Girl
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Re: more punta girl photos (with sharks) - 04/30/01 09:43 PM

hey, punta girl! my family is coming to washingtonDC for vacation this weekend we will be at the embassy suites chevy chase. you know, i am outside phila.

one of the things i like best about where i live now is that people actually say hi back. in phila (in the city), if you say hi, they avert their eyes or look away. isn't it sad? this weekend, we went on a long bike ride up here, and probably 20 people said "hi" or "good morning".

just an observation. oh, and great photos. nice bikinis [Linked Image]
Posted By: Punta Rebel Girl

Re: more punta girl photos (with sharks) - 04/30/01 10:03 PM

Hey Jane, thanks for the bikini compliment and the photo compliment.
I hope your family has a great trip to DC. There are so many great sites to see and so many fun things to do. I am actually about 45 minutes outside of DC in a little tiny town called Round Hill, Va. Close enough to DC without having to be in the middle of it all. I like living at the bottom of the Blue Ridge Mountains and having beautiful views to look at instead of buildings.
I hope you get some good southern hospitality from the Northern Virginians and Washingtonians you come across. Seeing that you said you are staying at Embassy Suites in Chevy Chase, I assume you will be staying in Chevy Chase, Maryland. That is a pretty neat little "city" too. Have a great trip, and if you listen carefully, you may hear Punta Rebels blowing from in from Virginia.
[Linked Image]
Punta Rebel Girl
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Re: more punta girl photos (with sharks) - 04/30/01 11:55 PM

I think punta rebel girl should start her own Belize talk show. Punta girl forgot about the mean massage girls at Maruba resort that looked at us nastily and rubbed painful sandy oil all over us. They were not very nice. Perhaps they didn't enjoy rubbing oil on two sweaty stinky gringas.
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Re: more punta girl photos (with sharks) - 05/01/01 12:20 AM

Okay, Garbonzo is right, I forgot about the girls at Maruba. But they weren't on the island so...and I wouldn't be too thrilled with massaging naked, sandy women either Ha ha ha [Linked Image]!!!!! (men, maybe, women, no thanks)
Punta Rebel Girl
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