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I'M BACK!!!!!!!! A TRIP REPORT - 06/24/01 10:19 PM

Hello All!!
Sorry it took so long to post, but the pile on my desk at work prevented me from posting before now.....
Mark and I got back on Tuesday night. We had a fabulous time. Yes, even though we got flooded and stranded at the Houston Airport when we left, and missed a day of our vacation, I did arrive albeit a bit late for my birthday party at BC's. (Sleeping in an airport with no food, a broken air conditioner, it was 50 degrees in there, and 100,000 other people was an experience I never want to repeat. I felt like a refugee from Kosovo. 27 hours of pure hell) Party was to start at noon, and we landed at 2:30. Ran and got our cart, so we could head to BC's. Funny thing....While I was waiting for Mark to get the cart and pay the rental fees, a man was standing there next to me. We started shooting the breeze, and I asked the man what he was up to that day. His response? "I went to a birthday party at BC's today, but it was a bummer as the birthday girl didn't show up. Her flight was cancelled." I busted out laughing, and said, "Well, that would be me. I'm Debbie!! We just got in." Well wouldn't ya know? It was the infamous Bill Thornton!!! We laughed and hugged. He escorted us back to BC's and the party started!!! ElleD and Capt. Jesse were still there. Met Bruce and Charlene and got to see my banner. Everyone was in such a festive mood. Choo Choo and SWMBO weren't there physically, but were DEFINATELY there in spirit. So was my dear friend JaneinPA. Had a few drinks and toasted all around. Many had already left the party and headed to the Palapa, so in the cart we hopped and to the Palapa. Yes, Barefoot Skinny kept his promise. He was there and doing what he does best. He is a super person. It was a ball!! Mr. B and gang was there, Sandshaker, Orionhunter and her son, and so was Munichchick and her husband, but I didn't realize it at the time. (We bumped into eachother later at Mangos) Over the course of the next few days I got to meet Mr. and Mrs ZEKE, Gary, KOZ from Denver and his wife, Pegster, Ibanole and her husband,and Gary. I couldn't have been more delighted.
The first few days of the trip were bright and sunny, but the wind was horrendous. No snorkel or sailing trips were going out, so we basically just relaxed and partied. Unfortunately, my feet and legs swelled up horribly, but Bruce came to the rescue and obtained some medication from the pharmacy. I can't say enough good things about he and Charlene. Super people. As I retained water in my feet, Mark was retaining Belikin in his belly.... LOL.
We stayed at the Seven Seas for the first 6 nights (we missed one) and just loved it. We were on the third floor and the view was spectacular. The pool was very nice and Sherrie at the front desk was a doll. Bent over backwards for us and just the nicest person. She had water and cold Belikins waiting for us...... After our ordeal, it was like heaven........ The rooms are deocorated very cute, and it was sure nice to have our own kitchen. We LOVE the local breakfast sausage, and had it almost everymorning....Papi's breakfast burritos were pretty hard to beat........
The first snorkel trip was fabulous. Got to see so many things. Have to say here though, from one day to the next, the snorkeling, even in the same exact place, can be so different. After the wind completely died, the snorkeling was not as good. So those of you that have had bad diving experiences, it may very well have been the nature of the reef on that particular day.
The people were such a joy. Always smiling and happy and always willing to help or accomodate. We were totally at ease. For those of you wanting to bring things for the children, we found out that on Wednesdays, there is a children's clinic. Lines of sick and miserable children..... Bring those goodies to the clinic so nurse Natalie can bring a little cheer to those sick babies. It would mean so much.......
Best places to eat that we tried were Papi's Diner and also Sweet Basils. The salads at Sweet Basils were AWESOME!!! Smoked salmon, shrimp, capers, artichoke hearts, sweet oninons, etc. It was truly a treat. Jambels was as good as ever. Can't be beat, and an unusual surprise was the Jade Garden. Had curried lobster there that was just delicious.
The Palapa and BC's were our favorite haunts. Best places in the world to relax and hang out.
BC's had the best panty rippers and Papi's had the best pina coladas.
Finally got around to having my cake at BC's. I was able to gather everyone up for the festivities and it was a blast. Even Paisano had a piece of cake. He was to cute. Had whipped cream all over his sweet face. A couple of local kids were there and wanted cake. Of course they had some, but within 10 minutes, 15 more kids were in line. It was to cute. All were treated. Charlene was a sweetheart. She ran and got extra plates and forks. Paisano ended up being our buddy. He kept calling me his little monkey. He made quick friends with Mark. Mark found out he was from the middle east, and said a couple things to him in Arabic. (The ONLY two things he knew)Paisano was ecstatic. His whole face lit up, and he immediately started rattling off tons of arabic and was even singing in his language. He was drumming on the bar and so very happy. Mark was clueless, but just kept nodding and laughing. I think to this minute, Paisano thinks Mark is an Arab! LOL Mark's deep tan, black hair and black beard of course didn't help disuade him......
We went fishing one day with Gil Gonzales. What a wonderful fisherman!! I've never caught so many fish!! Many types of snapper. I didn't realize there were so many different kinds. He used a GPS unit to locate some caves, and man did the fish bite!!! He took us fishing last year, so we were delighted we were able to find him again. Papi was a dear and cooked our catch for us, and we also cooked some up at our Seven Seas kitchen and also at Sandshaker's. What a treat to meet her and Gary!!! The cook at Jambel's set Mark up with some Jerk spices, so our home cooked fish was SUPER!
Went sailing on the Me Too with Hustler Tours. It was still a bit breezy but a PERFECT day to sail. It was glorious. Had lunch at The Sand Box on Caye Caulker and was NOT disappointed. It was the first day of lobster season and had my first lobster meal. To die for. The conch fritters were just as good as I remembered them, but were so spicey I cried. YUM!! Even hubby had to order extra water.......
Both Mark and I got massages on one of the really windy days for lack of something better to do....LOL.... We used a gal named Vicki and had the massages done at her lovely home. It was pure bliss. $60 for 1 hour and 15 minutes of heaven. She had these pillow things filled with warm water under the sheets that you just melted into. I felt like a limp noodle when she was done. Mark fell asleep!!! Vicki said it was the best compliment she could get. Means he was REALLY relaxed.....
The last three days we stayed at Coconuts. the rooms were lovely and airconditioned. They have a very nice beach bar with two very wonderful bar tenders. The breakfasts were continental, but you could sit out under two huge trees and watch the world go by...... The local dogs frolicked in the water in the morning and were such a delight and a good source of intertainment. The resident cat fell in love with Mark, and wouldn't leave him alone. Even brought him a lizard one morning.... EEWWWWWWWWW!!!!!
Well folks, I could write for another 2 hours, but I had better let it go... We had a wonderful time, and the Seven Seas and Coconuts were both just wonderful. So much to say, but I'll just wait for questions from you. I have tons of digital pictures, but have to figure out how to post them first. (Not really computer saavy) Love to all and sure wish I was still there........

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Re: I'M BACK!!!!!!!! A TRIP REPORT - 06/24/01 11:23 PM

LOL....Sis...send me your pics a couple at a time and I'll make you a webpage with them.

My birthday present to you! [Linked Image]

We had a blast! Really enjoyed yours and Mark's company.
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Re: I'M BACK!!!!!!!! A TRIP REPORT - 06/24/01 11:32 PM

WILL DO!! Thank you. You're gonna be sorry...... LOL Mark has about 10 disks!!! LOL But I doubt all the pictures are worth sending. I'll send the best and funniest. I owe Choo Choo some pictures anyway.... This would be great! Miss you so much.
your sister,
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Re: I'M BACK!!!!!!!! A TRIP REPORT - 06/25/01 04:31 PM

Oh! Forgot to mention here... I did get just a touch of Pica Pica on my back while snorkeling at Hol-Chan. Very little, but still got some. Under the straps of my suit. No big deal. My husband didn't get any.......
Virtually NO mosquitos in San Pedro. it was great. No bugs at all.... BUT did go a remote area on the far north of the island our last day and got eaten alive by sand flies and no see ums..... [Linked Image] I'm STILL scratching..... So avoid wooded or brushy areas...... And if you can believe it, the Deep Woods off seemed to attract them more than deter them.....
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Re: I'M BACK!!!!!!!! A TRIP REPORT - 06/26/01 01:59 AM

well, i finally made the time to read this. great report deb (even tho i had already heard it all first hand!).

if any one can help you with those pics, it's sandshaker, or marty. he did mine, as tammy was a bit busy with keith at the time. can't wait to see them.

hey tammy, that photo of you deb sent me was perfect. the quintessential you. just as i remember you. your place looks adorable too.

i thought of you both every day. glad it worked out for you, and that you enjoyed each other. ain't this board great!

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Re: I'M BACK!!!!!!!! A TRIP REPORT - 06/26/01 03:11 PM

Tammy has already agreed to help with the pics. I have some real treasures..... I have the all time classic of Paisano. Can't wait to share it!!! I'll be working on this over the next week as hubby has 10 discs and I have 5 rolls of film... We brought two cameras...... Stay tuned.... Mucho pictures to come. [Linked Image]
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Re: I'M BACK!!!!!!!! A TRIP REPORT - 06/26/01 05:17 PM

Great Report! I also can't wait to see your pictures.
Posted By: Marty

Re: I'M BACK!!!!!!!! A TRIP REPORT - 06/26/01 07:26 PM

sounds GREAT! glad you had a good time, can't wait to see the pictures!
Posted By: Chloe

Re: I'M BACK!!!!!!!! A TRIP REPORT - 06/26/01 09:04 PM

I wanna see the pictures, Please
Posted By: Debbie

Re: I'M BACK!!!!!!!! A TRIP REPORT - 06/26/01 10:24 PM

You got it!!!! I worked on it some today... Sorting out the good from the bad... Should have some down to Sandshaker by tomorrow afternoon. Give her some time to get them together. Can only send some at a time as BTL seems to choke on a bunch of them....
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Re: I'M BACK!!!!!!!! A TRIP REPORT - 06/27/01 12:16 AM

Sounds like a great trip! I am glad you mentioned some comments about Coconuts. I think that is where I am going to stay next time.
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Re: I'M BACK!!!!!!!! A TRIP REPORT - 06/27/01 01:28 AM

the surprises were smaller. alas, no one stepped up to the plate for me. frank was tempeted, felt bad, but it just wasn't to be.

the presents were: chooch sent down a fat check with zeke to pay for a round or two, and i bought deb's birthday cake. charlene made up a banner and a beautiful card (according to deb). sounded wonderful.
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Re: I'M BACK!!!!!!!! A TRIP REPORT - 06/27/01 01:52 AM

Enjoyed your trip report! Glad you had such a great time!! Happy Birthday!! Can't wait to see your pics!! Keeps the island spirit alive!!! I loved Papi's, too...and Paisano, what a character...

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Re: I'M BACK!!!!!!!! A TRIP REPORT - 06/27/01 03:00 PM

Yes, the gifts were overwhelming!!! I thought it was a tremendous gift just to be able to meet everyone. I was so surprised at how wonderful everyone was. I recieved a gorgeous pewter candle holder, and lovely candle in a jar with sea shells and starfish, t-shirts, rounds of drinks, CD's, $$ for drinks for all the party goers, a tent was errected for the party, a banner was made up, a FABULOUS sex on the beach cake, and a home cooked meal at Sandshakers!!! I am truly touched and dumbfounded at how extra special and wonderful all of you are. It was truly the birthday to end all birthdays.
Saying thank you, just doesn't do justice to how I feel....... But I'll say it anyway.
I love you all and THANK YOU!!!!!!!
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Re: I'M BACK!!!!!!!! A TRIP REPORT - 06/27/01 03:42 PM

Wow Deb...what a great report!! and what an incredible time you had. You must be a real sweetheart for so many to do so much. Sorry to hear about the troubles of getting there, but I'm glad you finally did. A little bit of hell for a lot of paradise. Well, Happy Happy late, and ditto on the pix!!!
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Re: I'M BACK!!!!!!!! A TRIP REPORT - 06/27/01 07:42 PM

Glad you all enjoyed the trip report, but you know what??????? I forget one of the funniest things!!!!
I did indeed drink my tidy bowl drink out of a tiny little pink toilet..... I even have pictures........Special, just for Choo Choo.
[Linked Image]
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Re: I'M BACK!!!!!!!! A TRIP REPORT - 06/28/01 02:03 AM

i put most of the pics up in the gallery, click thru from: //

to //

thanks a bunch for contributing!

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Re: I'M BACK!!!!!!!! A TRIP REPORT - 06/28/01 05:04 PM

Thanks Marty!!!!! Hope you weren't to overwhelmed with the number I sent.... This is just terrific..... Enjoy all of you!!!
Posted By: Chloe

Re: I'M BACK!!!!!!!! A TRIP REPORT - 06/28/01 05:17 PM

Hey Debbie, cool pictures. Good to see everyone having fun. Marty does good work.
Posted By: denverdan

Re: I'M BACK!!!!!!!! A TRIP REPORT - 06/28/01 05:20 PM

GREAT pics... Thanks Debbie!
Posted By: lmarquis

Re: I'M BACK!!!!!!!! A TRIP REPORT - 06/28/01 05:48 PM

Beautiful pics. Where do you find the airboat to do the back of the island? I want to do that next time!
Posted By: Marty

Re: I'M BACK!!!!!!!! A TRIP REPORT - 06/28/01 06:42 PM

more pics up, they now run from: //
to //

if you looked before, start at //

and go from there!
Posted By: Debbie

Re: I'M BACK!!!!!!!! A TRIP REPORT - 06/28/01 08:14 PM

Marty you are doing a GREAT job. I'm delighted they are coming through so good. the Paisano one with the shell is still my favorite. I wish so badly you could hear him singing with that one.... He was singing to Mark in some middle eastern language.......
P.S. my photos end with the red delivery soda truck.......
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Re: I'M BACK!!!!!!!! A TRIP REPORT - 06/28/01 11:40 PM

Debbie, great pictures! Looks like you had a great Birthday!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: I'M BACK!!!!!!!! A TRIP REPORT - 06/29/01 04:04 AM

Butch and I love your pix... but he has a question.
It looks like some of these places got a new paint job for you, and it looks like the roads were excellent. You know as well as I do, those roads hurt in places. I know that Butch hit every bump in the road that entire 3 miles, especially when I had a couple (or more) drinks and needed a ladies room.
So how did you get AC to look so good? (Boarders, don't holler at me, I mean that in a very nice way!)
Posted By: Grant

Re: I'M BACK!!!!!!!! A TRIP REPORT - 06/29/01 08:15 AM

Hi Debbie
You had a great time I see. I was there at BC's when you were surppose to arrive for your birthday. Bruce is my brother and I stayed with them for 3 weeks. It was the best time Ive had in a long lonf time. Their BBQ is fantastic isn't it. Every body talks about it and I don't blame them. They both do a wounderfull job and good luck to them. They deserve it. Well I'm back in Australia now and wishing I was back over their. It is the beginning of our winter and I much rather be back there of cause. Loved the photes. It is good to see other peoples pics of a place you have visited. Thanks. Did you get to snorkell at shark/ray ally. That was great and I know what you mean about it can be good one day and not the next. The second day I went wasn't as good as the first but still worth doing.
Thats about it for me. If anybody is going to San pedro, could you please go to BC's and say G'day to Bruce and Charlene from there little brother back in Australia.
Have a great one.
Posted By: Debbie

Re: I'M BACK!!!!!!!! A TRIP REPORT - 06/29/01 03:52 PM

If I'm not mistaken, I met you at BC's a day or two after my birthday.... You probably didn't make the connection. (We were there A LOT) I think the world of your brother and sister in law. They are truly GOOD PEOPLE. Yes, I went to shark ray alley on two different occasions. The second time my legs were bothering me, and I was afraid if I jumped in, I wouldn't get back up the ladder and make an ass of myself, so I stayed on the boat. My legs were badly swollen, and my knee went out on me. Thanks to Bruce, I was better in a couple days. He was so good to go to the pharmacy for me and another boarder. Glad you had a nice visit with your family. That is always special.
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Re: I'M BACK!!!!!!!! A TRIP REPORT - 06/29/01 03:57 PM

LMAO at Vicki!!! I have to admit, I did notice that on a couple of our pictures. Believe me, not all of them were like that. Mark did a good job at taking the pictures at the best and most complimentary angle... (Except for my butt) LOL Mostly it may have just been coincidence. I too remember the bumps and holes in the streets.... I thought I would have whip lash before I returned home. Marty also did a good job of selecting the nicest pictures. I sent him close to 300!!!!! poor guy. He probably thought I had lost my mind.

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Re: I'M BACK!!!!!!!! A TRIP REPORT - 06/29/01 04:09 PM

WOW!!! Thanks for the pix! I am absolutely going out of my mind (oops! too late!) with anticipation! Glad you had such a GREAT time...everybody should feel special on their birthday...glad yours was extra-special.
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Re: I'M BACK!!!!!!!! A TRIP REPORT - 06/29/01 09:30 PM

It was, without a doubt, the BEST birthday I ever had. No exaggeration. No shit. It was all of you that made it so very, very special..... [Linked Image]
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Re: I'M BACK!!!!!!!! A TRIP REPORT - 06/29/01 10:03 PM

Debbie! Dean and I where so happy to be there for your birthday.


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Re: I'M BACK!!!!!!!! A TRIP REPORT - 06/29/01 10:05 PM

You're a sweetie and now a dear friend. It wouldn't have been the same without you.
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