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Trip Report and Picture - 04/08/06 06:58 PM

2 days from my journal in Mountain Pine Ridge


Friday, March 31

I took the 2pm water taxi to Belize City, it was such a pleasant, smooth, and fun ride. From Belize City I took the cab to the international airport, ran out of my cab, and up to where international arrivals come out of from customs. My mom was literately just coming through as I walked up there and I was SO happy
to finally see her!!! We hugged and the driver for Five Sister's lodge grabbed her luggage and we were off to Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve. It is a 3 hour drive to Five Sister's. My mom and I talked nonstop
the whole way catching up and it went really fast. We arrived and our luggage was taken to our cabana which was called Haittiville, haha... That's the name of one of the worst prisions in Haittiville, Belize. We got a laugh outta it several times going back to our cabana. The grounds were beautiful, our cabana was cute, and the falls right behind the lodge was outstanding. There are some beautiful pics in album showing the lodge and fallls. It was so beautiful to look down and see the falls and hear the water. Our first night we ate fish (snapper) and pork BBQ, it was delicious. They had a really cosey place to eat. Our first night we turned off the lights, mom fell asleep quick after her long trip here, and I layed there listening to these loud crickets for a long time!!!

The next morning, Sat, we ate outside at their restaraunt overlooking the falls and beautiful green surrounding us. We walked all the way down to the falls after breakfast which was quite a workout and well worth it! There is a beautiful place to get married down there. We took the little two person "tram" back up. We met at 8:30am where we were taken to a horse ranch where we had our own personal guide! Phillip was outstanding, and my mom kept commenting on how amazed she was that he is only 20. She mentioned to him a few times how many people here seem older than their age compared to where
we come from. (she knows some in SP as well.) We went horseback riding from 9am-2pm and stopped at a small cave entrance half way through and explored about an hour. It was outstanding. We really enjoyed the cave. We continued on the horses to Big Rock
Falls Waterfall where we climbed down (quite steap) to where the waterfall was and swam in the river and falls. We had a nice lunch packed and enjoyed our stop. We rode the horses all the way back to Five Sister's Lodge and both had an incredible day. Both my mom and I felt it was one of the best tours we've taken in Belize and we've done quite a lot of tours. We were sooooooooooooo tired after showering that we fell asleep a short while then woke
up for dinner. There was a wedding that afternoon down at the falls and we were able to see it from up above. How
gorgeous it was, definately recommend it as a wedding place in Belize. We then ate Creole Shrimp and Chicken Role. It was pretty good. After dinner we met a couple from the states who had has quite a bit of wine, hahaha... they insisted many times we take their rental car down
to Blancaneax to see the grounds and walk around. It was incredible we were driving this car and didn't even know the names of the people who gave it to us! Mom and I ate desert which was a sponge cake with coffee cream and chocolate
bits on it with our coffee, it was great. My only recommendations for those who stay at Five Sister's is to make sure to eat a meal at Blacaneax, they have quite a large menu and the food looked outstanding. Five Sister's was great too, though you only have about 4 meal choices a night. (which was still plenty.) We really enjoyed walking their grounds and checking
out their cabanas. We accidently walked on this deck to see what was behind the lodge and ended up on someone's deck. We turned around and this couple's bed was right there!!! We started cracking up and ran off the deck as it was funny we accidently ended up and someone's cabana looking right in. OOPS!! Funny. It was fun to drive the car in Belize and take a drive with mom to Blancaneax. When we arrived back at our lodge, we went to the couple who gave us their car's cabana for wine and chatted a bit with them then off to sleep.

The next morning, Sun, we had our breakfast once again overlooking the falls, plenty of coffee, and headed to Barton Creek Cave with
4 other people. We "canoed" through Barton Creek, the only disappointment was only one person in the back got to paddle and we
didn't actually canoe. We all held onto one anothers canoes as we slowly went through the caves. Comparing this cave to the ATM
caves, the one we saw the day before, and even cave tubbing we were both quite disappointed. It was still a good experience as we
learned some new information. Both my mom and I said it would be a great recommendation for anyone who has trouble with any
exercise and just wants to sit and be pushed along. No hike with it whatsoever. We then went to the butterfly farm from there
where we saw many kinds of butterflies. We want to return to the Mountain Pine Ridge area when my mom returns next time with my dad in the fall, there are many things to do and see in this beautiful part of the country.

We had a driver meet us there to take us back to BZE where we rode the water ferry
back to San Pedro, they got us there in only an hr and 5 min. Super speedy. Was a windy ride back. When we arrived in San Pedro, we walked down the triple Jay doc and a friend from Cholos drove us to my place on a golf cart.

Then we spent 4 days together in San Pedro!
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Re: Trip Report and Picture - 04/08/06 10:18 PM

Nice...thank you for sharing.
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Re: Trip Report and Picture - 04/08/06 10:25 PM

Great pictures! Looks like Mom had a lot of fun, and you , too.
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Re: Trip Report and Picture - 04/09/06 01:39 AM

Great Pictures, the cave reminds me of Luray Caverns, VA.
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Re: Trip Report and Picture - 04/09/06 10:33 AM

Kra-z-K, Nice pics and report, Thanks for sharing.
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Re: Trip Report and Picture - 04/09/06 03:16 PM

Wow, I can't belize (hehe) how beautiful it is there. This may be one of my top places to visit now. Thanks for sharing. Love the pics. =)
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Re: Trip Report and Picture - 04/09/06 06:35 PM

thanks! I didn't summarize SP since most of you have been here and I think my journal of our 4 days was quite too personal to post. wink
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Re: Trip Report and Picture - 04/09/06 07:57 PM

K, you have quite the eye with a camera, thanks for sharing.
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Re: Trip Report and Picture - 04/10/06 09:19 PM

Kra-Z-K.. great pictures! Loved looking at them. And YOU are very cute! VERY! eek
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Re: Trip Report and Picture - 04/10/06 11:23 PM

sure is, pretty young lady and her mother is too.
It definately looks worth visiting if you have enough days in Belize. It is beautiful.
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Re: Trip Report and Picture - 04/11/06 03:51 PM

Nice report ,looks like you had lots of fun..jungle not me as I am a ocean guy,and do not like bugs or snakes. but the view looks super..Mom face looks like she is living the dream big time...
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Kra-z-k: Thank you for your trip report and pictures. I always look forward to a day at Five Sisters Resort when on the mainland. The owner, Javiar Popper, is one nice fellow...he chauffers me back and forward from San Ignacio like I were a VIP...which is decided not true. A family which I am friends...all work a Five Sisters and it is always a treat to swim with the kids after lunch. Bill PS. This last time, Javiar dropped us off at Blaneaux because I wanted to show my friend the fan blade used in Apocolapse Now which is on the porch. The people of Cayo are really great!!!!
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Re: Trip Report and Picture - 04/12/06 10:27 PM

Great report and pictures - brings back memories of when we were there in Nov. We took the same horseback tour - with Jose - we didn't get to swim though, the creek was too high.
The tram was not working when we were there and our place was down the mountain - needless to say I left with buns of steel laugh
We stayed in the Riverside Villa - quite private, romantic and wonderfully beautiful.
Five Sisters is great - nice people.
It looks like you and your Mom had a great time.
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Re: Trip Report and Picture - 04/14/06 01:10 AM

Great pictures, thanks for sharing your adventure.
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