My Trip Report

Posted By: CarrieC

My Trip Report - 05/01/02 02:57 AM

I have been a lurker on this board for almost 6 months. First I have to say how fabulous your advice has been to me. I am a newlywed, and didn't know I was going to Belize until 3 days before. We didn't even make any reservations.
After some business in Belize City, we hopped on Maya over to Ambergris Caye. Beautiful short flight, the best way to see the island. When we landed, there was a taxi driver, Manuel, who offered to take us to our hotel. When we told him we had no reservations, but wanted a really nice place, he said "I have got the place for you". We drove south, just a couple of minutes, and pulled up at a big pink place on the beach, Caribe Island Resort. The pool wasn't huge, but very neatly groomed, with beautiful landscaping. And I was concerned about the small beaches that some of you descibe, and was pleasantly surprised. The beach is wide and white, very clean, with a beautiful dock, complete with hammocks. Before we ever got to our room, we met Albert the bartender. He made us some Rum Punch that was the best I've ever had. His smile was infectious, as was his "laid back" attitude. The cook, (sorry, I have forgotten her name) made us special sandwiches, even after the lunch hour was over. She was an angel.
When we got to our "room", we found it was acutally a living room and seperate bedroom. Very spacious, beautifully decorated, bright and inviting, with the most breathtaking view.
Later, we took the hotel shuttle into town for the evening. Had dinner at Caliente's, pretty good, then went to Fido's to catch the Barefoot Skinny show. He really rocks! Later, just walking around, we noticed that everyone was smiling and happy. Amazing!
The next day, we just stayed at the resort. Sat by the pool, didn't even have to get up to get drinks. That evening, we had dinner just up the road at the next resort, Victoria Resort. They have beautiful grounds, but their restaurant is very pricey for what you get.
Next day, went to Mexico Rocks on a snorkel trip. Nice area, not crowded at all, like we heard it was at Hal Chan and some other places. I am a diver for 20 years, and have dove all over the world. Belize is being destroyed by inexperienced divers I am afraid. I would hope that you all take great care. Our guide, from Blue Hole was very informative, and we were hoping to do a scuba dive the next day. That evening, we had dinner at the Resort, the Shrimp was delicious, with a superb presentation.
My husband was notified later that night that we had to return to Belize City to conclude business, so we packed up the next morning. We are hoping to return in June. I was so excited to know that the new owner, Vicki is also a former pro-football cheerleader. And I hear that she will be there with her husband "Butch" in June. Also hoping to meet sweetjane and Debbie. I don't know who Zeke is, but I hear that he will also be there then.
I almost cried when leaving, but know I will be going back soon.
Posted By: Marty

Re: My Trip Report - 05/01/02 07:51 PM

thanks for writing! we hope to see you back sometime soon, glad you had a good time....
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: My Trip Report - 05/01/02 08:59 PM

i am not sure how my self esteem, as a regular housewife type person, can take being there at the same time as two former pro cheerleaders...

and the combined perkiness & sociability might just kill frank.
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: My Trip Report - 05/01/02 09:00 PM

p.s. - oh, FABULOUS report. so glad to hear the rave review.

can't wait to get there!
Posted By: Big Frank

Re: My Trip Report - 05/01/02 09:37 PM

Love the Caribe Island & it wseems to have gotten even better!
Posted By: munichchick

Re: My Trip Report - 05/01/02 09:45 PM

Vicki & Butch? That must be our Ibanole friends. I am so happy for them to have purchased the resort. How exciting!!! Great trip report!
Posted By: aqtpie2

Re: My Trip Report - 05/02/02 01:00 PM

Didn't realize the resort changed hands. Is Mr. B still the caretaker? We love Caribe Island and we love Manuel! (Have pictures with him adn his son to get to him actually.) Can't wait to see the place again.

Great report!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: My Trip Report - 05/02/02 01:39 PM

Well I certainly loved the trip report!!
To aqtpie2: Yes, Mr. B is still our caretaker. Don't know what we would do without him!
To Munichchick: Yes,it's your ibanole friends!! Haven't seen you on the board much lately. Hope all is well with you guys. When are you heading down?
Jane, can hardly wait to meet you -finally- but we will have a blast, and I am so glad that Debbie is coming too! I understand from our staff that Carrie is still in cheerleader shape..... but for me, those days are 20 years ago!! [Linked Image] But I did hear that a soccer team from San Pedro is planning a trip to Virginia this summer and they are taking cheerleaders with them!! So maybe I can find a way to volunteer my services.
Frank, when will you be coming down again?
See you all soon.
Posted By: CAPTAIN bigzeke

Re: My Trip Report - 05/02/02 03:23 PM

Carrie....Butch And Vicki are the very best!!!! Me and my clan will be staying at Caribe from the 20th of June till the 26th. Going to hit Cayo at Chaa Creek first and then will be partying big time on AC.
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: My Trip Report - 05/02/02 05:26 PM

i just talked to vicki and she has purchased all sorts of goodies for the resort too. i just cant wait!!!

40 days....
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: My Trip Report - 05/02/02 11:53 PM

Sweet Jane,
You will really laugh when you hear what I just ordered... just for you!!!
I called a company to orders some emergency toothbrushes and paste sets, just in case, and they had a great sale on some other "stuff". So I ordered these little towelettes that can be microwaved or fridged, so between the courses, expect to be treated!!!! Too funny, ey?
We also got a massage table, so the masseuse (sp?) can come to Caribe Island and give massages in your room or out on the dock... where-ever!
Great chatting today!! 28 days and counting!!!
Zekes--- in the words of Pink "get the party started!!!"
Posted By: munichchick

Re: My Trip Report - 05/03/02 12:36 AM

Congratulations Vicki and Butch! That is so cool. You must be so happy! Is the Caribe Island kind of infront of our friends Terry and Michele's House? Just wondering. We are planing on a Belize visit Spring of 2003 since we are doing our every other year 2 week Europe trip this year and getting ripped of by Basil Jones made us not visit AC this year. But we will be back for sure.
Best of luck with the Caribe Island Resort!!!! You will make it a very special and great place!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: My Trip Report - 05/03/02 02:12 AM

How is the "new" kitty? Almost a year old now, right??
Sorry, you can't make it down until later, but we will certainly be looking for you then!!
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