trip report #2/3

Posted By: snowbird

trip report #2/3 - 03/11/02 01:18 AM

I'm back - I apologize for the length, we did so much tho and it was all great. Anyways here's the rest:
Fri 15: The clouds have broken! It's a beautiful sunny day. 2 more of the group leave today so Jambel's Jerk Pit for lunch. Had coconut curry chix and the jerk chix - we were all sniffling by lunch end. Mmm-mmm. Order a jerk extinguisher to beat the heat. On to parasailing - what grand fun! Thanx Tony (hey good buddy!) and Troy @ Fido's dock. It was cool to fly so high and you see every thing. Shrimp cocktails and meat pies from the kids for dinner, mmm-mmm again.
Sat 16: Another day sail to Caulker. Full boat today and lots of 1st time snorkelers. Real good day for sailing today. Stopped @ Coral Gardens on the way. It was hot on Caulker. Ate lunch @ the Rainbow and had the daily special,I think burritos and they were good(2 went to the Sand Box but
didn't give a report). Swam @ the end of the dock to cool off. Shark/Ray on the sail back. What fun to see the 1st timers faces. They had a blast. Everyone got to see rays up close and pet a shark. We also saw eagle rays, dolphins and a sea turtle on teh sail. A great trip! p.s try a mix of rum & horchata, yummy when it's hot. Went to Cholo's when we got back. Even got to play a little pool, fun! Dinner @ the Lion's Club ChixQ. Perfect.
Sun 17: Beautiful sunrise. Lazy day today. Bfast @ Lily's Rest - burritos and omelets, huge and very good. Picked up laundry and then cart for theb rest of the day. To BCs for board meet. Met Mike/Daphne, Rhon(da) and family, Jack-A-Roe (Bev&John) and edina also there. Hi to you all! Wish we could have visited longer, hope to meet again. Didn't eat @ the BBQ as we planned Sweet Basil's today. This is a MUST. Everything was great - 2 of us had salads and 2 had pasta. All awesome! Back to town as we were expecting company so had to miss the Palapa and Mike/Daphne's (drat again!).
Mon 18: Last full day on ac...errand in teh AM and then last sail on ElGato. N to Mata Chica for snorkeling. We had an eagle ray who stayed w/us all afternoon. We actually swam w/him (her?) -wow!! Lots of colorful coral and many reef fish. Conch cerviche and johnny cakes for lunch. Did a little reef fishing also. Perfect sailing wind back and it was all over way to fast. Dinner @ the square again @ Rosita's for chix,rice/beans/coleslaw.
Tues 19: Early flights out today - only 4 of our original 8 left. 2 head for home via Mex and we're off to the Cayo. Had a great time here on AC! Met lots of friends, old & new. Sure will miss the island but the adventure continues in the "Other Parts of Belize" board.
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Re: trip report #2/3 - 03/11/02 03:45 AM

Perfect Snowbird! Sounds like you had a terrific time. <I wondered where you had dissapeared to at BC's> [Linked Image] Thanks for the report ,I am too lazy to do one. Better soon before the details get fuzzy....

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Re: trip report #2/3 - 03/11/02 09:55 PM

Sounds like a great time. You saw lots of things while snorkeling. Must have been lucky to be there at the right time.

Curious, what is a "jerk extinguisher"? Sounds like something I would want to try!
Posted By: Gela

Re: trip report #2/3 - 03/13/02 09:54 PM

Laurie, the Jerk Extinguisher is a great smooth and creamy rum punch type drink that in fact does extinguish the jerk! When we all met that Sunday night for dinner back in May, they ran out of them (I think Mickey got one of the last ones). I'm happy to say that I got to finally sample one this past December. Definitely a must try!
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Re: trip report #2/3 - 03/14/02 12:06 AM

Hey Gela: where in the heck have you been? Thanks for the info. I will definitely extinguish the jerk! Can't believe it is already coming up on a year since I last went. 50 days and counting!
Posted By: Mike and Daphne Ryan

Re: trip report #2/3 - 03/14/02 05:54 AM

Hi Snowbird!!!

It was great to meet you.

Your trip report and our talks with Mark have decided us that we will learn to dive before we go back next year.

Hope to see you again.

Mike and Daphne
Posted By: snowbird

Re: trip report #2/3 - 03/15/02 08:44 PM

Hi back to you Mike/Daphne. I hope we can meet again too - I will be back! I LOVE the snorkeling, so much life under the sea. Plus the warmth of the water, nothing like that here in WI.
Rhonda - we did have an awesome time. Meant to ask, how did Liam like your trip? I've got a 7yo and just wondering for future, soon I hope [Linked Image], reference.
Imarquis - gela is absolutely right about the jerk extinguisher. Yum - do try!!
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Re: trip report #2/3 - 03/16/02 05:11 AM

Hi Snowbird,

Yes thank you,Liam had a wonderful time and gave a full report to his kindergarten class when we came back. Your 7 year old will love it. Liam is pretty easy going and was happy just being there taking it all in. The things he liked best though were the beach, fishing with Abel and the golf carts!!!! This was his second trip, he was four the first time and each time was a fun experience. He actually woke up one morning crying a few days after we came back talking about how he missed Belize. Haaaaaa...I could relate easily [Linked Image]. Hope all is well with you Renee!

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