Trip Report for 3-24 thru 3-31

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Trip Report for 3-24 thru 3-31 - 04/03/02 02:58 AM

We just got back to dreary Indiana last night. I am already making plans to go back to San Pedro early next year. My wife and I had an absolute BLAST!!!
1st off, I must start this report by saying the Staff at Victoria House was fabulous! I cannot imagine being treated any better than we were. 2nd, Victoria House is beautiful. We will definetely stay there on our next visit.
We ate at many of San Pedro's establishments, and had wonderful service and excellent food at each of them. My favorites eateries were; Caliente's, Estelle's, Celi's, Blue Water Grill, and Jambel's Jerk Pit.
The Mayan ruins at Lamanai are very impressive, but it is a full day trip. We were picked up on the dock at 7am and got back at 5pm. Ricky our guide from Sea-rious tours was super. He provided breakfast(Johnny Cakes & fresh fruit) and lunch(BQ chicken) along with lots of Belikin beers and Rum Punch. So we really didn't suffer during the long day. We also went Cave Tubing and to the Belize Zoo one day. Our guide - David Cunningham was truly remakrable. His knowledge about the flora, fauna, animals, topography, and the people of Belize was impressive. David was very proud of his country as many Belizians seem to be. As part of this trip, we ate lunch at Cheers. Cheers is a small Cafe just off the highway. If you go there, I recommend the stewed chicken withbeans and rice. Lastly, we went snorkeling at Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley. It is was outstanding. However, one of our new friends from the island, got his fingers bitten by a Nurse Shark. Fortunatley, enough Belikin was injested to dull the pain, and a full recovery is expected.
I don't want to ramble on any longer, so I will close for now. To recap- the people on the island of A.C. are wonderful, the scenery at Victoria House was beautiful, and the food is 1st rate. Just be sure to leave your fancy clothes at home, and go island style. Sandals or barefeet, shorts or swim suit, and a tee shirt wherever you go!
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Re: Trip Report for 3-24 thru 3-31 - 04/03/02 03:16 AM

Glad you had a great time! I'm curious, who arranged your Cave Tubing/Zoo trip? How much did it cost? What time did you leave/return to AC?

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Re: Trip Report for 3-24 thru 3-31 - 04/03/02 04:16 AM

Did you go to dinner at Victoria House in shorts? Sounds great! Are most the restaurants like that? We're leaving on the 8th & I can do some unpacking if that is the case! We'll be at Portofino's.
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Re: Trip Report for 3-24 thru 3-31 - 04/03/02 04:37 AM

Thanks for the good report. I'll pass your comments to Jennie Staines at Caliente's.
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Re: Trip Report for 3-24 thru 3-31 - 04/03/02 05:15 PM

IMAHO you can and should dress casually to all the restaurants/events on the island. You will feel over dressed if you wear too wear. However, The Vic is nice enough that you certainly could "style".

Tell your husband or partner I said, " Put all your clothes on the bed. Now take out half. Put all your money on the dresser. Now double it." :^] Trust me on this PACK LIGHT! A small carry-on with a tooth brush, novel and bathing suit and a regular suitcase. This is a sturdy shorts nice tee shirt trip.

Girls, do you agree with this admittedly fashion impaired male? [I know my wife would]

Does my envy of your trip bleed through? Just got back from Pueto Vallarta, I dare not complain, but ... no comparison.
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Re: Trip Report for 3-24 thru 3-31 - 04/03/02 05:26 PM

IJ -

We were on AC a few months ago and Seaduced arranged our cave tubing trip, but, I suspcet most of the larger operators could do the same. The trip was $160 US per person - about 8:00 flight from San Pedro on Maya, returning about 5:00. The biggest part of the cost was obviously airfare to and from Belize City. So, if you're going to split your vacation between nights on the mainland and AC, you could reduce some costs....

Overall, it was a great day.

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Re: Trip Report for 3-24 thru 3-31 - 04/03/02 06:13 PM

Seaduced does a top-notch cave-tubing trip!! You will not be disappointed! (see if you can get Oliver-- he is the best!)
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Re: Trip Report for 3-24 thru 3-31 - 04/03/02 06:21 PM

It is good to hear the great comments on Seaduced and Victoria House. We are staying at the VH from April 13-20th (only 10 days away!). We booked a cave tubing trip with Seaduced for April 15th. They have been really helpful thus far. They are picking us up at the Victoria House at 7am and said it will be an all day trip. It will be fun, I am sure!
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Re: Trip Report for 3-24 thru 3-31 - 04/03/02 07:29 PM

We actually are doing the Cave Tubing by boat now with our guides staying with the through the entire day. People seem to like the added touch of going up the Old Belize River and seeing the wildlife. The trip is $140.00 us per person and includes breakfast, lunch, beer, sodas, rum punch, snacks and the entrance to the zoo. We look forward to seeing some of you on our trip.
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Re: Trip Report for 3-24 thru 3-31 - 04/04/02 12:01 AM

We planned all of our trips with Javier the Activities Director at Victoria House. We told him what we wanted to do and when. He took care of all the details. The Cave Tubing and Belize Zoo was an all day trip. We flew to Municipal at 8am, and flew back to AC at 5:30pm. I'm sure there are many excellent guides, but David Cunningham was extraordinarie. It was just David and my wife and I. The cost was $95.00 per person + $52.00 per person for airfare! If my math is correct, that is $147.00 per person.
We ate Dinner at Victoria House our 1st night on the island, and it was very good. My wife wore a simple sundress, and I wore nice short and polo style shirt. Anything beyond that type of attire, and you will be way over dressed. I would advice the guys to leave all of the long pants at home. Hell I didn't shave for a week, and wife didn't feel the need to wear make-up! We were probably pretty scary looking, but who cares. Realx and enjoy it! You will love Victoria House.
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Re: Trip Report for 3-24 thru 3-31 - 04/04/02 04:27 AM

Thanks for the responses on what to bring to wear. My husband is loving the no long pants idea! And if shorts are OK at Rendevous & Mata Chica & Capricorn for dinners, I'm ready to go now! Weather forecast looks great too. We have 10 days so think we'll book any trips when we get there & play it all a day at a time. Thanks everybody!
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Re: Trip Report for 3-24 thru 3-31 - 04/04/02 05:40 AM


Thanks for the trip report. We are going there the end of this month. Woo hoo! We are thinking about doing the same trips that you'all did. Can you describe more about the cave tubing trip? What did you do? What shoes/clothes did you bring/wear? Did you like the ruins trip?

Thanks for your help.
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Re: Trip Report for 3-24 thru 3-31 - 04/04/02 07:55 AM

Kelly in East Bay -

Many members have already extensively described cave tubing experiences on the board. Rather than repeat, I'd recommend that you use the search feature on this board for "tubing." You'll find more than 90 references. Marty Casado wrote an excellent report under one of several threads titled "Cave Tubing." Read a few of the reviews and they'll get you lathered up to go.

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