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TRIP REPORT!!!!!! - 07/10/02 09:13 PM

We arrived Sun.. Everything was ready for us as promised at MATAROCKS.. Went to 7Seas
&met Seajay & Bill,. Decided on Jambel Jerk for dinner,Great choice.
Monday, Met Bill& Seajay(after their ruins excursion)for lunch at Elvi's then messed around town for a while..Then the party @ Fido's..It was GREAT,Met Richard,Hud,Pagodacook,(Amy&Bill),Ellydognme(Kayla) Lovin Life(Lauri),Ginger &husband, Two blondes from Calif.What a Party !!!!
Skinny was Great& so was "Joke Night..
Tuesday went north & was kinda disapointed but I guess it's great everybody don't like the same things.Sweet Basil's was just like most people told us, "GREAT"...
Wed..Went on Altan-Ha tour with SEA-rious Tours,Willy & Ricky are great guides..Went to Papi's for fantastic Lobster dinner.Then
to Fido's for more of Skinny's good music.
Thurs.(July4) Laid out for sun,got plenty.
Met VaBeachgirl &her family (picture to come later).Had lunch at Blue Water(Sun-Breeze) The nachos are super good...
Fri. Just got more sun & hung out at the Squirrels Nest(MataRocks beach bar)Had dinner with Beachgirl & family(Rob &Little Rob)
Sat. Went on fishing trip with Luis Caliz,
(he can catch fish in a parking lot)It would take a book to tell you how much fun we had so if you get the chance go with him,he is also a fabulous cook(by far the best meal I have ever had....Barracuda,snapper,lobster,vegges,potatoes & coleslaw.....
Sun. More touring the island,then BC's BarBQue.....
Mon..The hardest part of our trip,,saying good bye..The staff at MataRocks made us feel like family,& the owners (Terry & Liz)
did also...Ana (manager) if you read this tell everybody we love them!!!!! I won't try to name all the wonderful people we met (and we met a lot)But THANKS for helping us have a "WONDERFUL VACATION" John & Linda
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Re: TRIP REPORT!!!!!! - 07/10/02 09:56 PM

Well John and Linda glad you had a great time and made it back safely. I have 30 days to go. Up north was nothing for me either. Sweet basils was good though. Papis was excellent, wasnt it? That is the first place that I am going after I get settled. Who does Louis work for?
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Re: TRIP REPORT!!!!!! - 07/10/02 10:26 PM

Loved the trip report, JohnBoy! Glad the rest of your week went so well and that you made it home safely. My husband Bill would also like to know where you found Luis, the fisherman. That is something we'd like to try next time. Tell Linda we said hello! Hope all is well with you both in Texas.

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Re: TRIP REPORT!!!!!! - 07/10/02 10:44 PM

Very nice report Johnboy. So glad you and Linda had a great trip. We sure enjoyed meeting you and wish we could have stayed a little longer after you got to town. I'm wondering if there is any lobster left in AC after you, Linda and Richard had your fills. Was Linda able to find any more Dr. Pepper? I'm debating on whether or not to post a message telling people where they can find DP. 2 things could happen. #1...everyone could buy it all up and there would be none for me next time, or....
#2...these places would realize how popular it is and be sure to keep it in stock.
We're all axiously awaiting your pictures from that new digital camera.

Welcome Home!
Cheryl (SeaJay) and Bill
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Re: TRIP REPORT!!!!!! - 07/10/02 10:45 PM

nice job, nice trip. i met ana...she works with barb's belize too.

pics coming???
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Re: TRIP REPORT!!!!!! - 07/10/02 11:04 PM

Glad you had a great trip with Linda to AC. I, too had a great time there and enjoyed meeting all of you at Fido's. I went to the Jambel's Jerk a couple of nights and they gave us homemade keylime pie!! Went to eat at Elvi's Kitchen, Caliente's, Mango's (was that the name?), had awesome lobster kabob at the lobster fest at Caye Caulker, Fido's, Ramons (where we stayed)and even indulged in the belizian fudge ice cream. We went diving everyday and even ventured down o the blue hole which was awesome and well worth the boat ride. Our buddies were the California blondes so you know we made it a fun trip. I'll share photos John and Linda if you give me your email address. Just got them back. Tell Richard hello and to write soon...Ginger
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Re: TRIP REPORT!!!!!! - 07/10/02 11:06 PM


Oh yea, went to the other side of the island of AC and ate at Sweet Basil's and it was wonderful. The golf cart ride was a hoot with having to use the little hand pulled ferry to get across the break in the island.

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Re: TRIP REPORT!!!!!! - 07/10/02 11:11 PM

We want pictures!
Posted By: SeaJay

Re: TRIP REPORT!!!!!! - 07/10/02 11:16 PM

Ginger - glad you made it home safely and had a good trip. It was great meeting you and the California girls. It's just too bad Holly and Chris are so SHY...hehehe

I'd love to see your pics of the party too. My email addy is [email protected] Hopefully by this weekend, I'll get mine posted.

Looking forward to seeing Holly and Chris on the message board soon too.
Posted By: Johnboy

Re: TRIP REPORT!!!!!! - 07/10/02 11:25 PM

Hello from TEXAS-----I don't know if I can get the pics on the board--This is my first pics with my digitial camera....My e-mail address [email protected]
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Re: TRIP REPORT!!!!!! - 07/10/02 11:56 PM

john, i can email you and tell you how i did it, if you want. it isn't hard, justs takes a bit of time.
Posted By: Johnboy

Re: TRIP REPORT!!!!!! - 07/11/02 12:20 AM

No wonder they call you sweet-Jane....
It would be great if you would do that...I'll try anything once....Thanks in advance.............John
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Re: TRIP REPORT!!!!!! - 07/11/02 04:18 AM

great report johnboy....did you ever make it to that purple and green place on middle street that had the wonderful lobster burritos. the best 7$ meal i have ever had. so nice to meet you and linda..sounds like your fishing trip was a success...we will have to try it next year...and there will be a next year!!!!!
Posted By: Richard Chambers

Re: TRIP REPORT!!!!!! - 07/11/02 11:01 AM

Glad to hear you guys got thru customs ok with all that contraband! I didn't get home til 1:30 after dropping Hud & Donald off!
Was great meeting you guys. Good being able to put faces on all the Message Board folks
Isn't it!
Talk to you later.
Posted By: vicky

Re: TRIP REPORT!!!!!! - 07/11/02 01:36 PM

Hi Everyone, For those of you wanting to get in touch with Luis Caliz his number is 011 501 226 2785. He is a great guide & a good friend.
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Re: TRIP REPORT!!!!!! - 07/11/02 07:56 PM

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Re: TRIP REPORT!!!!!! - 07/13/02 08:16 PM

pics? pics?
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Re: TRIP REPORT!!!!!! - 07/15/02 04:44 PM

Great trip report Johnboy!!!
Sounds like ya all had a hoot!
You just HAVE to get those pics up though!!!
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Re: TRIP REPORT!!!!!! - 07/20/02 06:00 PM

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Re: TRIP REPORT!!!!!! - 07/20/02 09:25 PM

It is OK, to let some posts fall naturally, isn't it? And not keep bringing them up to the top?

Threads have a life of their own, some go on and on and some fulfill us in a briefer period of time.
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Re: TRIP REPORT!!!!!! - 07/20/02 09:28 PM

Ah, disregard my last post, I've moved to other parts of the board and I see the problem.
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