lethal yellowing

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lethal yellowing - 03/31/01 07:35 AM

Hi all-
I was on Caulker for a couple of weeks in May-June 1999. Beautiful island. I had a great time.

I noticed then that lethal yellowing seemed to be a creeping presence - I noticed it along the 'back' street, especially from the air strip up to the town. Looking at my pictures, there are a worrisome number of bare palm trunks. I worry because I know some neighboring islands have been nit hard by the ailment.

So what's the status these days?
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Re: lethal yellowing - 04/14/01 04:21 PM

basically, you have to innoculate the trees, or plant a variety that does not get the disease....

for more details....
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Re: lethal yellowing - 04/15/01 05:44 AM

Thanks for the link Marty. Very informative. If Caulker were to be as hard hit as, say, Corozal, think how devastating that would be. Much of Caulker's charm and ambiance - not to mention shade - comes from its coconut palms.
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