Inquiring minds want to know!

Posted By: Coop

Inquiring minds want to know! - 09/05/01 12:10 AM

I'm planning a trip to Caye Caulker mid October with some friends. We are really looking forward to it and are getting restless. But I have a few questions I could use some help with:

*Can anyone give me any insight on what the weather will be like then.
*Any tips on some good night life, restaurants, etc.
*Also any opinions on The Seaside Cabanas?

Anything will help!
Thanks in advance!!
Posted By: ricardo

Re: Inquiring minds want to know! - 09/06/01 01:37 AM


I dont know much about night life there. I didnt see much of it.
Posted By: Bonestalker

Re: Inquiring minds want to know! - 09/11/01 12:02 AM

Hey Coop...Can't help u on the weather...haven't been there at that time..keep an eye on the hurricane watch....As far as night-life...well....this is CC not are not going at the height of tourist CC being "Laid-back" may be "Laid backed" "squared.... I always enjoy the "Sandbox" and you will get mixed revues about Popeye's...(I've had good times there.) We made it a ritual to go each afternoon to Rainbow and get a couple of orders of Conche Cerviche (excuse spelling if wrong) and some cold Belikins (BZE good beer) You will just have to cruise front street and stop when the music hits you and step in. There is an interesting hangout called I&E (hope I'm right) where you sit in little swings and then fall out of them. Have fun, relax,....B < ' )---^^^---<
Posted By: Mermaid

Re: Inquiring minds want to know! - 09/13/01 04:19 AM

Seaside Cabanas are pretty nice.

For a group of friends, a 2 bedroom beach house may also do - kitchen, living room, cable TV, A/C; as a matter of fact it is located almost adjacent to Seaside Cabanas!

For more information on the 2 Bedroom BEACH House (2 properties north of Seaside Cabanas) visit the website:

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