property past the split

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property past the split - 12/03/01 06:43 AM

Is there any ocaen front property that faces the reef still avi North of the split.

I am interested in retirement in the area and would like to know what is the avaliable and what I can expect to pay.

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Re: property past the split - 08/13/02 01:48 AM

We are selling a piece right now - email [email protected] for more info!
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Re: property past the split - 08/16/02 06:55 AM

'Scuse me. I don't know if this right, so-if it is, please think about it before buying (or selling, for that matter). Is this land fronted by mangroves? If so, wouldn't you have to cut them down to build & have water access?

I won't say more right now because I'm not sure about the mangroves. Perhaps I will say more if the mangroves are there.
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Re: property past the split - 08/25/02 02:20 AM

What would be the problem if there was mangroves?
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Re: property past the split - 08/26/02 07:13 AM

Mangroves are ecologically significant and necessary environments to keep the balance of the land and sea intact. Cutting them limits the environment for the young of the species to live and grow big enough to head for the larger sea and to reproduce.

Mangroves are also necessary to prevent erosion. Without the mangroves, the sea will take a bit of land with it. Eventually, it will take it all. Especially during strong storms or hurricanes. There is more flooding as well.

Why would anyone who loves BZE want to cut down an integral part of the land they love just to live there? Another consideration: many Belizeans and native CC'rs can't afford to have land surveyed for a land grant, or cannot afford to buy it. The more non-Belizeans who buy up land in CC, the less there is for the people who have a more legitimate claim.

Why not consider land in Belize in an area that doesn't require messin' with the natural environment so heavily? There are places in BZE that are not heavily settled. Places where your money is needed even more than CC, and where you will not displace a Belizean.

I am North American Indian, so I know a bit about what I say. I cannot get good land in my own tribal area because most of it is owned by non-Indians. The fault lies with the government originally. But now, the fault lies with the irresponsible people who do not care if they take land away from the people it rightfully belongs to. There is such a thing as living our lives with our fellow humans in mind.
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Re: property past the split - 08/27/02 05:37 PM

memingwa is right, keep the non-belizeans out of the north-part of the island. they will cut down all the mangroves. but some islanders will do the same. like silvester who did it south the air-strip or those people behind the dump.
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Re: property past the split - 08/27/02 07:23 PM

You do not HAVE to cut them down, they can be trimmed. We "Non-Belizeans" did not remove them and we still get a nice breeze.
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Re: property past the split - 08/27/02 07:27 PM

Leave the Mangroves is right! Even the goverment has cut down the mangroves by the dump where the new housing scheme will be. I think this is being sponsored by the Area Rep.
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Re: property past the split - 08/27/02 10:41 PM

I did not intend for this to turn into a stand-off between Belizeans and non-Belizeans. I am, after all, a non-Beliziean, so they can't all be bad, right? LOL

I was serious when I said that on CC in particular, and in my OPINION, non-BZE's should look elsewhere for land because there is not enough land to allow native BZE's to own a bit. Now I will probably really tick you off, because it is also my OPINION that those folks born on CC should have 1st priority for the land. It's the way I feel and believe, primarily because I am from a people whose land was taken by the US gov't, and then bought by non-Indians who had resources that native people did not have.

Yes, I do know that CC'rs and BZE's and the BZE gov't have cut the mangroves. As for trimming, I'm sure that is better than cutting them out. I was mainly refering to the total removal so as to have oceanfront property, not an attempt to get an ocean breeze. But getting back to cutting them: does it really matter who cut them in the past? They are GONE!! Does it really matter who will cut them in the future? They will still be GONE!!

And while this may certainly offend some of you (and I sincerely regret that), it must be said because I see it as the truth: too often, "outsiders" recognize the worth of something more than those who live with it, or in this case, on it. This is true in my homeland. More non-Indian landowners take better care of, and do less damage to, their land than do the Indians who own/lease the land. I saw several examples of this on CC as well. Tourists were often more reliable about not littering than some of the folks who live there. Trash littered many yards and some businesses.

So what is the solution? I have no definite answer, but a start might be 1) for non-Belizeans to recognize the situation and buy someplace other than CC, or, 2) buy up property/businesses already owned by ex-pats, or 3) if a non-BZE'r must buy land on CC, then be as non-invasive, with as little impact on the natural world as possible, or 4) the non-BZE'r could set-up a model that can be used by other land/homeowners- solar power, wind-power, composting, etc., thereby increasing the use and knowledge of a sustainable lifestyle, and 5) get the "officials" who are showing themselves to have no long-term vision for Belize and Belizeans OUT of OFFICE. We ex-pats, tourists, outsiders, or whatever, cannot do the latter. Only the citizens can do this. Will you?
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Re: property past the split - 08/28/02 08:28 AM

but think about it.... why should non-belizeans not buy land if it's the belizeans who are selling it. If they don't want non-belizeans to buy up all the land, then belizeans should stop selling it to them. Unfortunately, it all boils down to money. Many foreigners have it, many Belizeans want/need it..... even if it means selling their little piece of Belize.
Also, if the decent non-Bze people don't buy the land being sold the greedy, evironmentally unfriendly, "business" men will!
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Re: property past the split - 08/29/02 02:07 PM

If you are interested in why the mangroves are important have a look at
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Re: property past the split - 08/29/02 04:13 PM

we need more environmental education in our schools, but also for adults.
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Re: property past the split - 08/30/02 03:41 AM

Are you sure it is the Belizeans selling the land? Perhaps some non-Belizeans have bought up the land and then raised the price to the point that only non-Belizeans can afford it. It happens.

Personally, I think non's who want only to live in Belize should be allowed only to lease land for a specific period, max 99 years. The longer the term, the higher the lease cost. No taxes, except on the sale profits of structures on the land (which might have to be moved off). The lease fees & taxes can be put into an interest bearing fund for Belizean citizens to borrow money to buy land/build a home. This benefits all involved to some extent, with natives reaping the most benefits. The land is used & enjoyed by the non's, but it cannot permanently go out of Belizean ownership and IS available for future generations of those who "owned" the land before any governments decided what belonged to who. Funds are provided to bring about native-owned homes/businesses, the ex-pat gets to live in paradise with a smaller investment and profit only on what they has built on the land, not just because they had the money to buy it & then sell it at a huge profit.

Nothing is wrong with business-men, or even business-women. : ) Many are responsible, decnt, hard-working people who want their local employees to learn a business/trade and do well. A solid economy requires that, and all businesses benefit from that. After all, if we need money, we need to work. If there is no place to work, how will we get money? So, ex-pats who wish to start businesses may buy land, with a surcharge. They should receive tax breaks for a limited period of time as long as they take on Belizean "apprentices". Want to operate a hotel? Teach a native how to start & operate a hotel. Want a resort? Teach inn-keepers, chefs, groundskeepers & entry level positions as well. This then provides work as well as creates the ability for natives to be trained to own their own businesses/have a well-paying career/earn a living wage, etc. Fair incentives can be designed for business-owners. Their investment is as well protected as any in Belize can be- they can sell the land, usually at a profit.

Complicated? You betcha. So is creating a native economy, developing a native work-force, fostering positive social structures, and giving future generations a viable future. So, this is just one format such a plan might have. If you don't like this one, create another one.

Force Belize's elected officials to listen to AND answer to those who elected them, or get them out of office. Easier said than done? Of course. Worth trying? Yeah, unless you think it's really a good idea for the country to be bought-up by outsiders and run by insiders that are themselves motivated by profit. Then, watch our/your culture, your language, your spirituality, your natural world turn into something unrecognizable.

And for the record, we need ex-pats: not just business-owners, but those who just live here. They bring us new ideas, new ways to accomplish our goals, hell, sometimes they even awaken our desire to have a goal!!! But we must remember that sometimes standards get raised to accomodate those who push for it, and ex-pats often know better how to advocate for change, and peaceful methods of doing so. Anyway, they are here, more will come, and we might as well get all the benefits we can out of the inevitiable.

Go ahead, agree or disagree. The question is: how do we preserve Belize for all who will be here?
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Re: property past the split - 08/30/02 06:18 AM

so dont cut the mangroves!!! you can build elevated walkways to the dock or bridge for you natives. I have seen this done in parts of florida and the carolinas in the usa in delicate enviromental areas. dont let a bunch of tree huggers scare you away. caye caulker like the rest of belize need some limited growth at least enough to generate enough taxable income to bring some things the island needs desperatly like a solution to the trash( the dump ) which is growing everyday. and the raw sewage that pours in to the sand and out to the reef everyday.
I have done studys and have found that barrier islands are the most diffucult place to design a decent septic systems. Even in my limited research i know that many of the islands hotels, resorts.restaraunt could not possibly handle the sewage being generated everyday. I am sure that most of the septic systems are probably found lacking. do the math find out what it takes to build a island friendly house. i belive single family homes will be safer in the long run than a bunch of small hotels cattering to tourist. who bring with them things like plastic water bottles and batteries. as for the people who want belize for belizians tell your families back in the united states to come back home, sell thier property in plases like california and chicago and new york and florida that way they and you can have the whole belize to yourselves. i can hear them laughing now !!!! you people should figure a way to engourage healthy growth for your country. because its coming no doubt about it. you cant stop it but you can steer it in a direction you like or can at least live with. you dont want to shit where you eat!!!
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Re: property past the split - 08/30/02 09:54 PM

Much Thanks Memingwa and others for opening this one up for discussion. I'm a foriegner living on CC, I believe that I should not be allowed to purchase land on such a limited space as CC. Indeed it belongs to Caye Residents and then if there is any left it should be opened for sale to other Belizean citizens. But never should Prime real estate be sold to foriegners, ever... I like the leasing idea though.
There are communities on the Mainland that retirees will love. Emery King has lots, that don't need fill and are already hooked up to an electricity and sewage starting at $15,000. BZ. Why not take advantage of something like that and then visit the resort places when you want?
Now, if none of our replies daunt you, you should really come see for yourself. As for Mangroves- they are my hero trees, without them this island wouldn't exist. There is also best practises to assure enviromentally
friendly building practise. Keep researching Mr. Pallesen, I'm sure Belize will be an excellent place for retirement, just let your concience be your guide.
Thaks for my 2 bytes. Allie
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