Bonefishing tackle???

Posted By: Grant

Bonefishing tackle??? - 12/29/01 09:10 PM

another question I have, does anyone know what tackle bonefish or permit go for, I have some berlkley powerbait and some lures, is there a color preference or one type they will go for, have some minnows as well..anyways any help with this or anything I am missing please help me out...thanks
Posted By: Bonestalker

Re: Bonefishing tackle??? - 12/29/01 11:56 PM

Your #6 is adequate for bones, but won't last a heartbeat for permit provided you can find one. You can catch bonefish off the docks, but it is tough because of the grass on the bottom. Wiggle jigs seem to work good with spin outfits, especially if tipped with hermit crab, or any crab you can catch. Save your dinero and hire a guide for a 1/2 day and see if it's worth it to put you on fish.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Bonefishing tackle??? - 12/30/01 07:57 PM

I fished off the docks with lite spinning gear and used pieces of conch and a small weight and had no trouble catching bones. I could catch two or three fish on one bait before I would have to put a new bait on. Check by the end water taxi dock and at the end of Frenchies dock. There were also some at the split off the corner of the wall. Most of the fish were a couple of pounds with some up to about four or five pounds.
Posted By: Ragga Gal

Re: Bonefishing tackle??? - 01/17/02 09:02 PM

Hi I concur with the above writer. I use conch too with awesome success! Love the way they hit and play. Hand line worked great!
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