underwater camera rentals

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underwater camera rentals - 02/12/02 08:37 PM

Does anyone know where I might rent underwater cameras on Caye Caulker and Ambergris and what the going rate might be? I hope to take some photos while snorkeling. I'm an experienced photographer but have never used a camera underwater. Any recommendations on which model I should use?
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Re: underwater camera rentals - 02/13/02 05:19 PM

I brought some one time use disposable camera's with me (underwater sports camera's). Better to buy them before you go as they are twice the price in Belize. The photo'S turned out Excellent! Nice, clear & colourful. Many people use them.
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Re: underwater camera rentals - 02/16/02 08:06 PM

There is a place in San Pedro called Belize Underwater Video located on Barrier Reef Drive, across the street from Fido's Courtyard that you can hire to videotape your dives or snorkel.
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Re: underwater camera rentals - 02/16/02 10:51 PM

i scored some disposables with 27 exp for 12 bucks at sport is rated to 40 ft deep and the other is 17 ft but the sales dude says they will hold up at greater depths...
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Re: underwater camera rentals - 02/26/02 06:33 PM

We went to and bought an underwater camera. The disposable ones do take beautiful pictures, but at $10-$12 each, it made sense for us to buy a real one. The one we bought was $130 and shipping was free. One more vacation and it will be more than worth the price. Just a suggestion (if you plan to snorkel more than once in your life)...
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Re: underwater camera rentals - 02/26/02 06:35 PM

Oops! The address is
I remembered incorrectly on my last reply!
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