Playground on Caye Caulker

Posted By: Ryooon

Playground on Caye Caulker - 02/21/02 10:52 PM

can i just say that im really jelous of all you fantastic people living on Caye Caulker!

I visited your wonderful Island back in july 2001 i was one of those dodgy British people who did some work on the playground next to Chocolate's Hotel and i was just wondering how the playground looks now!

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Re: Playground on Caye Caulker - 02/22/02 12:29 AM

Playground looks great, Ryan! Thanks for your help in making it a reality. The kids love it and it is usually full of kids in the evenings after school. Were you with Raleigh International? Come back and visit and check it out for yourself.

Wendy A.
Posted By: Ryooon

Re: Playground on Caye Caulker - 02/22/02 05:16 PM

We were with World Challenge, a group of 16 of us we camped on the beach at the Vega Gardens, found a crab in my bed one afternoon!! I am definatly planning on coming back, not for a few years though! i was at work one day, i work at a popular fast food restaurant, (typical for a 17 year old!) and a guy came in wearing a Belikin Beer t-shirt i talked to him for ages during the busiest time of the day about Belize and Caye Caulker, turns out he was with Raleigh international and he was on Caye Caulker the same time we were there! Which gave me a huge buzz! Is there anywhere were i can find a picture of the beloved playground?
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Re: Playground on Caye Caulker - 03/08/02 08:13 PM

I just got back (03/08/02) and took a picture of the playground for you. I'll scan it and send it to you if you want. [email protected]
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Re: Playground on Caye Caulker - 03/09/02 02:31 AM

Thanx for sending him a pic of the playground, tin. Did you enjoy CC?

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