are there any on the island ???

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are there any on the island ??? - 03/01/02 11:00 PM

are there any gay bars on the islanf?? if not where do they all ahng out or do house parties??
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Re: are there any on the island ??? - 03/02/02 02:30 AM

There are no gay bars on the island. Belize as a whole is a pretty conservative society, however, Caye Caulker does not seem to be openly discrimitary toward gay and lesbian couples.
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Re: are there any on the island ??? - 03/03/02 09:29 PM

oh yes they are, they don't take to gays at all on caye caulker. wouldn't let a gay cruise ship come in. there are a couple lesbian couples on the island that they seem to have no problem with, but gay men i a different story for EVERYWHERE in the caribbean. they are very against it. even write songs about it. i wouldn't say don't come, i just wouldn't let it be known if i were you. some drunk might cause i problem.
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Re: are there any on the island ??? - 03/03/02 11:31 PM

Cruise Ships don't come to Caye Caulker. Some years ago a Cruise Ship full of gays DID come to Belize and yes, in the city they were not received warmly.

However, the group that came to Caye Caulker received a warm welcome and it was 'business as usual' on the island.

Though I agree, while every body 'knows' and 'may not approve' there is no real open discrimination to talk about.

Of course, the gays visiting Caye Caulker don't flaunt it, which helps to make their stay more enjoyable for everyone.

The respect goes both ways.
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