Missing Kids

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Missing Kids - 04/06/02 03:56 PM

Our son Chris 22(red hair) arrived at the Belize airport on Mar. 31 (Sunday) where he was to meet his sister 19(Natasha) who was coming from Nicaragua and they were to backpack together in Belize, Guatamala and on towards Costa Rica. They were going to find accommodations after they met. They had strict instructions to phone or email us as soon as they got together so we could quit worrying. They are good kids but we haven't heard and we are very worried. We need to know if it is very hard to have the use of a phone or computer. Could they possibly have run into trouble swimming or hiking and noone would have seen them. We also need to know where to begin looking for them. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Re: Missing Kids - 04/07/02 07:14 PM

You need to post a private email address where someone could respond if they have information and they dont want to post it on a public message board. You will also need to post their full names. No... email and phones are not difficult to access here in Belize, they would just purchase a BTL tele-card and use any public or private phone, and internet cafe's are everywhere in Belize, each town seems to have at least one. Here on Caye Caulker we have 3. You also might want to make a web page in yahoo and post their pictures. People might not recognize the names, but recognize faces.
If you do these things, it will be easier for people to help you find them, even the U.S. Embassy will want this information.
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Re: Missing Kids - 04/10/02 09:09 PM

Hey people.. the kids were found safe & sound called their mother from Guatemalla...Three cheers for everybody that was concerned & wanted to help
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Re: Missing Kids - 04/13/02 03:23 AM

GOOD news for a change!...Glad to hear it.
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