Scuba and windsurfing

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Scuba and windsurfing - 04/30/02 09:31 PM

I'm hoping to visit for the first week in June and I hope to windsurf and scube dive, but I was wondering if I can do this on CC, or if I need to go to Ambergris for this?

How many scuba diving shops are there on CC, and do they go to the same places as the dive shops on Ambergris?

And are there places on CC to rent windsurfing equipment, or do you need to go to another caye?

Also, to go the Ambergris are there many water taxis? How long does it take and how much does it cost?

many, many thanks
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Re: Scuba and windsurfing - 04/30/02 11:58 PM

Caye Caulker has windsurfing, scuba and snorkeling. NO need to go to Ambergris, the prices are cheaper here also from almost everything.

I hope you will enjoy Caye Caulker's laid back style. There are about a dozen dive operators on Caye Caulker. The cost for a round trip water taxi fare to San Pedro is $25 bz per person, $15 bz one way.

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Re: Scuba and windsurfing - 05/01/02 05:19 PM

Great! Thanks for the information.

Can you tell me, is it windy enough to windsurf in late may early June?

And do you have any contact info for Paradise Down Divers or Frenchies Diving?

Many thanks
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Re: Scuba and windsurfing - 05/03/02 11:17 AM

Paradise Down email is
[email protected]
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