Message for Levi at the Disco

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Message for Levi at the Disco - 05/26/02 08:00 PM

Greeting all on the island.. Its been seven weeks since I was there, and Im pale already and I miss it.. Could someone please tell Levi that I have his Bob Marley CDs and that Ill mail them soon... Ive been really busy, but I didnt forget.. Thanks if anyone can pass the word along.. -drew in San Francisco
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Re: Message for Levi at the Disco - 05/27/02 06:00 AM

I have another message for Levi! Heh, you know him to. He is awsome. Made good friends when we were down in October. Ask him if he received the photos we sent and still waiting for a reply, HI LEVI!!!!

From Becky & Ron, Alberta, Canada
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